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Friday, October 2, 2009

Harold Gregg Learns I'm Not Screwing Around

Well Michael finally showed up for his Judgment Debtor exam yesterday and I think he figured out that he was playing games for no reason. The exam is relatively painless, unless you are lying, and Mike was actually pretty cooperative. Harold Gregg, however, had quite a scare.

We all know how Harold likes to pretend he is a lawyer. He did it again yesterday when he stood up in front of the judge and announced that he was representing Michael. What he didn't know was that 24 hours earlier, I had filed a 7 page brief and about 100 pages of exhibits with the court and the District Attorney's office, documenting that for several years Harold has been practicing law without a license. It's not like Harold wasn't warned. I told him on September 17, when he showed up for Michael's last scheduled exam, that if he played lawyer I would go to the DA.

Anyway, as soon as he announced himself, the Judge (actually Court Commissioner but we'll call her a Judge) cut him off and told him that he was not an attorney and that he would not be able to represent Michael. At that point, I directed the Judge's attention to my brief which specifically referenced the law that would require the Judge to find Harold in Contempt of Court. The Judge agreed to read the brief and the law during the recess and ordered Harold back into the courtroom at 11:00am to hear her determination. While Michael and I proceeded with the exam, Harold sweated over the copy of the brief that I presented to him in the court and he was visibly upset and worried.

After the recess, the Judge called Harold and I forward and while she agreed that Harold needed to be referred to the DA, she thought it would be difficult to find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt for his actions in her courtroom. For that reason, she didn't find him in Contempt of Court.

Harold let out an audible sigh of relief. Maybe now he finally gets it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mikey Shamelessly Uses His Child as a Shield Again

Also: Harold Gregg Pretends to be a Lawyer Again

There is no end to Michael's use of his children as a shield, excuse, or to serve any other purpose that benefits his criminal ways. I guess I must be getting to him because he is crying to the police, the courts and anybody else that won't listen to him. Amongst his latest preposterous accusations, and there are many, is that I am emailing and texting his teenage daughter. Note to Michael: of the two of us, I am not the one who is a shameless, despicable user of people. The truth is that his daughter from a previous "marriage", emailed me in August after Googling her father and finding this website. I won't stoop to Michael's level and post her email, but the police do have it, along with my response, which apologized to her for having to find out about her father in this way. She assured me that she had long known about her father's dishonest traits.

Oh and by the way Michael, it is not illegal to email a minor. Just ask your "lawyer" Harold Gregg.

So Michael, being the coward that he is, didn't show up in court again today because he figured he was about to be arrested again (note the foreshadowing here). He sent his infamous lackey and stooge, Harold Gregg in his stead to represent him. Harold, who likes to play lawyer, pleaded Michael's baseless stories of my so-called harassing of his daughter, family, ex-"wife " and current "wife" Shanney (who by the way owes me half a million dollars) all the while trying to turn the court's attention from the fact that Mike was not in court AGAIN. I objected to Harold even standing up because HE IS NOT A LAWYER and had no basis for representing Mike. The Commissioner of the Court eventually agreed and ordered Michael's arrest warrant again with bail set at $50,000. She wouldn't agree to have Michael charged with Criminal Contempt of Court even though I showed her that she was allowing Michael to make a mockery of her court. The good news is however, that I did get the DA to agree to charge him with contempt and look into referring Harold to the US Attorney's Office for Impersonating an Attorney. Harold claimed, on the record, to being In-House Counsel to a number of Mike's companies and insisted to the court that he was an attorney. He even brought a purported certificate from the Supreme Court of Ohio to show that he was a member of the State's Bar, however the fact that the certificate was not authenticated, said that he was inactive, has not been a licensed attorney in any State since the 70s, and even testified in his recent deposition that he was not a licensed attorney means that HAROLD GREGG IS NOT A LAWYER. Get it now Harold? Probably not.

Speaking of his deposition testimony, Harold told today's court that he never testified that he was not a licensed attorney. I guess that certified transcript I have was concocted by the court reporter.

So next for Michael is Monday's Preliminary Hearing on his 6 criminal charges including two counts of Automobile Theft in Fullerton Court . His esteemed "lawyer" Harold Gregg will not be representing him there as Michael has retained the services of the Public Defender. Expect Michael to try some stunt to get those proceedings delayed.

In the meantime, Mike's Preliminary Trial in Las Vegas for charges of Larceny has been set for November 17. He has retained Craig Mueller to represent him there. Mr. Mueller is well known in Las Vegas for providing aid and comfort (in the way of legal representation) to those who bounce checks to casinos and has had some success in that arena. The Venetian is not happy with the Clark County DA's slipshod handling of Michael's release without bail after spending 7 years as a Fugitive From Justice.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Michael Plays Musical Courtrooms

Back from this website's temporary hiatus, it's time for the update of the Michael Osborn World Courtroom tour.

We last visited our hero as he lied to another judge at his August 20, 2009 Santa Ana Court arraignment for being a Fugitive From Justice in Nevada. At that hearing he promised the judge that he would appear in Nevada within two weeks and then be back with Attorney John Nicholson representing him. Michael must have read this guy's name somewhere because this is the third or fourth time he has promised to retain Mr. Nicholson and yet we have never seen him standing beside Mike. Anyway, the Judge orders Mike to be back on September 2. On that date, Mike calls the court and says he is in Nevada turning himself in at that very moment with, now get this, "Attorney" Harold Gregg. Those of you who know Harold know that the last time he was a lawyer was for about 20 minutes in Ohio in the 70s. The Judge is pissed but cuts Mike some slack (again) and orders him back on September 9. On that date Mike actually does turn himself in to Nevada court, which is confirmed by the Court. This means that not only does he make a mockery of the Santa Ana Court but they actually have to dismiss the charges of Being a Fugitive From Justice. Once again the court allows Mike to play it like a piano.

Now it's September 9 and Mike's in Nevada to answer a Criminal Complaint filed by the Venetian. Seems that on March 22 and 23, 2000 (two days after his daughter was born in LA) Mike bounced $85,000 worth of markers to the casino. Markers are checks, and the casino gave him almost two years to make good before filing the complaint. Now being that the casinos are the lifeblood of Nevada, you would think that the DA wouldn't screw around with a big time larcenist like Mike, but those idiots release him on his own recognizance. After 7 years of waiting for him, setting bail at $100,000 and trying to get him extradited from Orange County, they let him go without bail. And they don't even tell The Venetian that they have him. You can guess how The Venetian feels about all this. Now the Clark County DA expects him to return for his preliminary hearing. Good luck!

The day after the Clark County DA's debacle, Mike is due in Fullerton for his arraignment on the two counts of automobile theft (amongst other charges). The Public Defender (what happened to Mr. Nicholson?) files a Motion to continue the arraignment because Mike is in Nevada on the other complaint. In the meantime, I file a brief with the court and let them know that Mike is not in custody, was released the day before, and there is no reason for him not to show up in Fullerton. I also provide a laundry list of Michael's past indiscretions and how he likes to play games with court dates. So the DA and the court are going to have none of this delay game and order Michael to get his ass into court. He pleads "not guilty" to all the charges against him and a Pre Trial is set for September 21 while the Preliminary Hearing is set for September 24.

Next on the court calendar is Michael's September 17th date with me for the 9th attempt at his Judgment Debtor examination. Shanney Osborn (Gallegos) is still at large with a warrant out for her arrest because she is avoiding her examination.

Coming up is the San Diego Court's order for Mike to appear because he is in violation of his probation there for (you guessed it) writing bad checks. And any minute now there will be new charges in Orange County for more bad checks.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shame on Embassy Suites

On July 22, Brea, CA Police arrested Michael after he passed $3,000 worth of bad checks to the Brea Embassy Suites, where he, Shanney and the kids had been guests of the hotel (literally since they hadn't paid) for at least a month since being evicted from their Fullerton Home for nonpayment of rent. The hotel called police after finding my website which confirmed to the hotel that Michael is a fraudster and a con artist.

Brea police arrested Michael (who checked in under "Ison") as a fugitive on a very old Nevada warrant for Larceny. The Clark County (Nevada) District Attorney had made it known to authorities in Orange County that they were very much interested in making Mike's acquaintance.

The problem is now the hotel has decided not to pursue charges of check fraud and/or innkeeper fraud themselves, reportedly because they do not want to go to court. Shame on Embassy Suites! How is anybody going to stop this crook from passing more bad checks if all the victims don't step forward? Let's all urge them to file a complaint with the Brea Police/Orange County DA. I plan to forward this posting to the Legal Departments of Embassy Suites and parent company Hilton Corporation.

And while we're talking about this, why hasn't Principal Capital Group's old landlord, BH Properties stepped forward with their $77,000 bad check?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mike Goes For A Two-fer

Michael showed up for his arraignment today accompanied by his sidekick and whipping-boy Harold Gregg. Today's story to the judge was that he had arranged for a voluntary turn-in to the Clark County DA (he hasn't) and that he was due to report to Nevada within two weeks. Since today's hearing was in respect to Michael being a fugitive from justice, (the Clark County DA has been waiting several years to charge him with Larceny), the judge agreed to continue the arraignment until September 2. After being told about the Grand Theft Auto charges also laid against Michael, the judge ordered his $50,000 bail held, and was quick to admonish him that he must return on the September 2 date.

From that hearing, Michael quickly turned him self into Department 64 on the outstanding warrant for his failure to appear for my Judgment Debtor Examination. He was ordered back for that examination on September 17.

Mr. Osborn's courtroom dance card is certainly filling up quickly for the month of September. Within the next few days, he will have to explain his probation violations to his San Diego officer.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fugitive From Justice, Michael Osborn, Back in Court Thursday

Everyone's favorite con man is scheduled to appear on Thursday in Department C57 of the Orange County Central Justice Center, Santa Ana for an arraignment leading to an extradition hearing. It seems that the State of Nevada has a several year old warrant for Michael, and are awaiting his arrival so that he can face charges of Larceny. Bail has been set by the Clark County District Attorney at $100,000.

Apparently, Michael was ordered to Thursday's hearing as a condition of his bail, following his arrest for defrauding the Embassy Suites Brea location. A bad check given by Michael in lieu of payment to the hotel, led to the arrest by Brea police who, upon investigating him, found that the Fullerton PD was cooperating with the Clark County DA.

Following the Brea arrest, bail was set at $50,000 and Michael was able to secure Steven Mehr & Scott Mehr Bail Bonds to put up a bond for him. He reportedly paid for their services with a check. There is no word on whether that check cleared, but apparently Michael is a good customer, as the Mehr Brothers once again posted a bond, this time following his arrest for 2 counts of Grand Theft Auto, amongst other charges. On that occasion, bail was set at $100,000 and Michael was ordered to appear for an arraignment on September 10.

Does anybody else think that this is starting to becoming ridiculous?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Osborn Dragged Away From San Diego in Handcuffs

Here's the latest on Michael's arrest for car theft. As previously reported, the cars' anti-theft devices were used to locate Michael and the vehicles in San Diego, reportedly at a friend's home. The Orange County Theft Task Force drove down from Buena Park and slapped the bracelets on Michael and hauled away the vehicles. For the second time in less than a month, he had to post a bond to get out of the slam, this time for $100,000.

Question: Here's a guy who writes 100s of $1000s in bad checks and yet he comes up with $150,000 bail, which must have required payment of $15,000 to the bondsman. Where is he getting this money? Some have come up with the conclusion that he has a bondsman in his back pocket.

Arraignment is set for September 10 in Fullerton. It would be good to see some of his victims at the courthouse that day to tell their story to the Deputy DA. For more information, email me.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Osborn Faces Multiple Criminal Charges in Car Fraud Case

It seems that Michael is under the belief that he can't be out of money because he still has checks.

On Thursday August 6, 2009, Michael Osborn was arrested and charged with 2 counts of Grand Theft Auto, 2 counts of Intent to Defraud, and two counts of Receiving a Stolen Vehicle (click here for the court docket).

Here's the 411 on his latest scheme:

In July, Michael went to an Orange County CarMax lot and purchased two vehicles; a Mercedes-Benz and a BMW. Using his alias, Michael Osborn Ison, he was able to secure financing for the vehicles after issuing two checks, one in the amount of $15,000 and one for $5,000. Naturally, both checks bounced sky high. Sources report that my website and blog was found by "googling" Michael, and that's when CarMax realized that they were a victim. Using the cars' anti-theft devices, Michael and the vehicles were located at a San Diego address, where Michael was arrested and brought back to Orange County. Here's the kicker. Because Michael used Principal Capital Group checks, he also got charged with Receiving a Stolen Vehicle.

On Friday August 7, Michael faced an Orange County Judge and was ordered back for an arraignment on September 10. Unbelievably, he was released. Check this blog entry for further details as they become known.

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Friday, July 24, 2009


As you know, I have been working at putting Mr. Osborn away for some time. His recent arrest is only the beginning of the end of his schemes and I am working hard to make sure that Michael’s con jobs are over. Several other victims have stepped forward. The ultimate goal is to make this a national case against Michael and get the FBI involved. If you are a victim of one of Michael Osborn’s (aka Michael Ison) schemes, you need to contact your local Police Department’s fraud division.

I have filed a criminal case with the Fullerton Police Department in Fullerton, California. I’ m sure there are victims all over the United States. If you want to see justice, you need to file a criminal case with your local police or sheriff’s department. With enough complaints against Michael OSBORN (ISON), we should be able to get the F.B.I. involved and get Federal Charges filed against him. Here is a guideline of what you will need when you contact your local law enforcement office. The police will need the following to be able to help you:

  1. A written synopsis of your relationship with Michael; how you met him, where you met him, when you met him, what he got from you, what he gave you; the story he told you, and the contact information of anyone else involved. A time line is very important.
  2. Any and ALL documents between you and Michael including emails, letters, contracts, copies of checks (Front and Back of Checks), stock certificates, etc.
  3. The law enforcement agency will want to know where the checks/cash/document transfer took place. This information determines the jurisdiction of where the investigation will take place.
If you need some guidance, contact me.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Michael Arrested As A Fugitive; Bailed Anyway

Who can understand the justice system On Michael's arrest record, he is listed as being a fugitive but then they allow him to be bailed out anyway. I'm trying to figure this out and will get back to you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This afternoon my efforts, this website and your contributions paid off. Michael Todd Osborn, aka Michael Osborn Ison, was arrested by police on outstanding warrants. His booking record lists Michael as being a broker, but the only way that term can be used truthfully is that he made a lot of people broker through his schemes and con jobs.

Michael is scheduled to appear in court in Santa Ana on Friday July 24. He is expected to face multiple charges against him over the next several weeks/months.

Click here to view the Sheriff's booking record.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Michael and Shanney Can't Figure Out How to Swindle a Builder Out of A House!

As I reported earlier, the Osborns need a place to live as they have been booted from their leased Fullerton house for non payment of rent. Now their problem is how to get a home for free. Well they concocted some sort of scheme that was abruptly abandoned. What that scheme was exactly and why they abandoned it, I do not know but here's what happened.

They retained a real estate broker from the Beverly Hills offices of Coldwell Banker and convinced him that they were in the immediate market for a high priced home. Eventually they take their two babies with them to view a newly built home in the toney Brentwood section of Los Angeles, that is being offered by the builder, and they make an all cash offer of $2.85 million with a 15 day escrow. On the counter, they sign off on an offer sheet at $2.9 million. Then they disappear. The builder doesn't hear from them. The broker doesn't hear from them. They don't return phone calls. That's when the builder found this website and called me. Now both the builder and the broker want to know why the Osborns would possibly play this game.

Here's what I think they had in mind.

Michael probably thought he had a sucker on the hook for some money, maybe as much as $100K. Maybe he thought he could parlay that money into a ruse to get him into the house with a minimal payment and have the builder wait for the money. I can imagine him saying something like, "Here's the first $100K (in escrow), and the rest will be wired in a couple of days but in the meantime, let me have the keys so I can start some work on the house." After a couple of days, the stories would have started to pour in on why the rest of the money had not shown up. Many of us are familiar with these stories:

"The wire transfer got screwed up because the numbers were wrong..."
"The money I'm waiting for is late in arriving..."
"I'm looking into it and will get back to you tommorrow..."
"I don't know why the transfer didn't arrive at the escrow company, let me look into it..."
"My baby was sick and I didn't have time today but I will get it done tomorrow..."
"I'm walking across the parking lot into the bank right now..."
"I have a certified check and will drop it off tomorrow..."
"I sent someone over with the certified check. I don't know why they are not there..."

So the Osborns would have squatted on the house and the builder would have had to go through the court system to get them out all the while not even having access to the money in escrow. That money would have to be returned to the Osborns when the deal fell out of escrow. In the meantime, the builder probably jumps through hoops for six months to get Bonnie and Clyde out of the house.

Of course Michael needed the house as a showpiece to convince his next victims that he was well off. That's how he cons people. He uses a high life to exhibit his "success". The house he rented but did not pay for in Bel-Aire, the fancy hotel rooms in New York and Beverly Hills (that he owes in excess of $100K), the posh offices in Fullerton, etc., etc.

Why did they abandon this scheme? Who knows, but my guess is that the seed money didn't come through. All you have to do is look at the hit count on my website to see that the world is becoming more aware of this con man.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Another victim comes looking for my help

I recently received this letter by email.

Rosario DeVito []
Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2009 2:30 PM
Subject: Michael Osborn

Dear Mr. Sharp:

I am an attorney in New York representing a company who entered into a Structuring Fee Agreement with Principal Capital Group, Inc. and Michael Osborn. Needless to say, PCGI did not deliver on the terms of the agreement and kept the company’s $8,000.00 retainer. As a result, the company defaulted on a lot promises and lost a lot of business and is in a financial bind as a result. Our correspondence to Mr. Osborne and PCGI has gone unreturned. I came across your website in my search into Mr. Osborn and noticed his sentencing hearing on June 2, 2009. I have not yet discussed this with my client, but the company may be willing to submit an affidavit detailing their experience with Michael Osborn. Please let me know if this would be helpful.

Regards and best of luck,

Rosario DeVito, Esq.
Law Offices of Paul J. Giacomo, Jr.
The Chrysler Building
405 Lexington Avenue, 37th Floor
New York, New York 10174
T: (212) 486-0200
F: (212) 867-5570

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Michael! Shanney! Come out, come out whereever you are!

The court had finally had enough. Today Michael and Shanney were supposed to appear at the courthouse for a debtor examination and once again failed to show. This time Michael had called the court and once again selfishly used his children as a shield. He claimed that his son was in hospital being treated for anaphylactic shock. This claim came after Shanney missed out on the last four hearings for purported problems before, during and after her pregnancy. The Judge was having none of it. She ordered the Sheriff to act on the warrants and pick up Michael and Shanney Osborn on bail of $50,000 and $2,500 respectively. The hunt is on.

Incidently, calls to every hospital in Orange County proved that there was no "Osborn" registered.

One place the Sheriff won't find the Osborns is in their now former Catlin St. home. They were evicted by the Court for none payment of rent under an Unlawful Detainer action (click here for court docket). This is not the first Unlawful Detainer action against Michael. In fact, he has been evicted by various courts from at least 5 assorted homes and offices.

The latest eviction will make it easier for Michael to succeed in his efforts to hide from people who have outstanding business with him. His email addresses, as well as Shanney's, have been canceled or changed. As of a couple of days ago, their phone numbers have all been disconnected or changed and only a select few know how to get a hold of him. If you are one of the lucky people who know how to reach him, an anonymous posting to this bl0g which provides that information would be appreciated.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Apparently my website is serving its intended purpose

Almost everyday, I receive a phone call from Michael's latest mark who, thanks to the information I provide, is saved a pile of money, headaches, lies and stories. I cannot even tell you the heartfelt thanks I receive from these people who are grateful that someone is exposing this con artist. Many are asking me what they can do for me in appreciation and while I have of course, not asked for anything until now, I have reconsidered that position. So now I ask you, if I have kept you from losing your money to a Michael Osborn scam, please make a donation to charity. How about 5% of the money you saved. Is that too much? My favorite charity is the SPCA but feel free to choose your own. And let me know. That will be my reward.

Michael is not above scamming anybody including his friends, friends of friends and honest brokers. These are just some of the people who have been calling me lately. Unfortunately, there must be other suckers out there who fall for Michael's sweettalk without doing their due diligence. I mean for God's sake! I have a website! All you have to do is Google the boy!

In the next few days, I will list a bunch of the lawsuits that names Michael as a Defendant. One or two also name Shanney. Can't wait for July 2.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Osborn Cheapens The Life of his Children

him: "George, I swear I mailed you the checks"
me: "Michael, my lawyer is sitting here with me and doesn't believe you"
him: "George, I swear on my children's lives, I mailed you the checks and you'll have them on Monday."

That was over three weeks ago, and after one foul excuse, which he claims was "his fault", he recommitted that awful pledge. Guess what. No checks. Looks like nothing is off limits in the fantasy world of Michael Osborn.

Coming up: Another round of Judgment Debtor exams with Michael and Shanney on July 2. Then on July 7, Shanney gets added to my half a million dollar judgment. After that, Lonnie Ison (Michael's mother) gets served with a subpeona for a third party examination.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Fullerton Police Call On Mr. Osborn

Michael was summoned to the Fullerton Police department this week with respect to a fraud investigation against him for his activities with Principal Capital Group. The investigation was instigated by complaints against by for duped investors who foolishly gave him money. The Detective in charge of that investigation is the same one who is looking into my complaints for Check Fraud against Michael. In an attempt to keep his wife Shanney out of the courtroom and off the judgment I have against him and Harold Gregg, Michael issued my lawyer two checks totaling $ 153,000 figuring that would buy him a few days before we proceeded with our collection activities. Naturally, those checks are not worth anything but criminal charges which will not make his probation officer in San Diego very happy. As a second time offender and considering the amounts of these checks, Mr. Osborn's days of freedom look to be numbered. In the meantime, Shanney will is facing a July motion to add her to the judgment as she previously agreed, as well a Judgment Debtor examination on July 2. Coming up: Michael's Probation Hearing on June 2. Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is there a strange man living at Michael Osborn's home?

Gee Michael, you better watch your homestead. Apparently, strangers are answering your door.

The Sheriff tried to serve some documents on Michael a couple of days ago and all we know is that a male answered the door. There is no confirmation that it was or was not Michael Osborn who answered the door. What we do have confirmed from the Sheriff was that service was attempted at Osborn's home at 1883 Catlin Street, Fullerton, CA 92835. The surprise is that he must have been a complete stranger to Michael because this chap claims that he has no knowledge of Michael's Principal Capital Group. So what is a stranger doing there Mike? I would investigate that if I were you.

Here is the letter we got from the sheriff.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mike Tries to Con His Emplyees

So here it is, February 28, 2009 and faced with the Sheriff coming any day to evict Principal Capital Group from its Fullerton offices and being behind 3 payroll checks to his staff, Mike concocts the following message to his employees:

"Attn: Principal Capital Group Traders in Training
Until Further notice, the trading floor at Principal Capital Group is being closed to the existing trading staff. As a public company, information in our office is to remain confidential and it has come to our attention that a breach of information has been supplied to individuals and previous employees via email, phone and text messages that is not materially available to the investment public. The information provided is being used in an attempt to extort funds from the company for which a complaint is being prepared. Under Federal SEC rules, the act of Corporate Conspiracy is punishable by both fines and federal prison. We have retained ICS, a corporate security firm to investigate our preliminary findings and trace the communication and the parties involved so we can submit the finding to the federal regulators that oversee our business.
As far as paychecks, we have opened a new account for payroll and a member of our outside security firm will be meeting with each employee individually this week for an interview at which point employee checks will be delivered. Employees will be required to sign a full and complete release as well as a confidentiality agreement at that time. All traders will remain on payroll while this investigation is ongoing and completed and will be required to work from home providing full trade reports of the demo trades during each trading session provided via email to> at the end of each day. In the event reports are not submitted daily will be grounds for immediate termination. Again, it is our full intention to take our findings of this ongoing investigation to the appropriate regulatory bodies for disciplinary action. Traders with information that may be useful to the investigation are encouraged to come forward while traders with information they keep from the company will be deemed an acomplis and treated accordigley.
M. Osborn
Chairman of the Board"

Of course the employees still haven't been paid, he hasn't filed a complaint with neither the court nor the SEC and ICS has never heard of him.

Typical Michael.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nerve or stupidty ?

click on the underlined to retrieve the referred document

As I've stated before, I have a judgment against Michael and Harold Gregg currently worth about half a million dollars. The only way for them to be relieved of this judgment is to pay it off because civil judgments for fraud cannot be eliminated by bankruptcy. Therefore, I get to chase them forever.

On March 30, 2009, Michael and I sign off on a payoff agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, the first payment was due on March 29. Yes, I realize that payment would be due a day earlier, but it is actually two days later than the original date Michael proposed 2 weeks earlier. And since the agreement calls for a 3 day grace period, he had until April 1 to make the payment. Otherwise, we proceed with the Examination of the Judgment Debtor ordered by the Court Commissioner for April 2, 2009.

Not surprisingly, Michael did not make the payment and my attorney, David Harter and I showed up in court for the examination. Well from my last press release you know what happened there.

The curious thing is that when Michael's employee/attorney, Sean Morrissey shows up, he presents David with a new payoff agreement with covenants that prohibit me from (amongst other things) putting out press releases, publishing my website or talking to employees and Principal Capital Group shareholders, potential shareholder, employees or clients. Now could anyone out there tell me why I would sign this new agreement, which by the way, gives up my First Ammendment rights, when he is already in breach of the original agreement that is only 3 days old? Not only that but they present this agreement without even showing up with a check for the overdue payment!

Is Michael Osborn this brazen? Is Sean Morrissey this ... well feel free to fill in your own adjective here.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Michael is desperate

So Michael went whining to the Press Wire claiming that I was lying in my press releases. Here's what he wrote to
Your press release has been removed. You may contact the complainant for clarification. (Ref-e2602cd7) wrote-

The following press release is distributing false information:

The press release is distributing false and missleading information in an attempt to defame and extort money.

the press releases need to be removed or we will be forced to file legal action.

Rather than check out whether I was telling the truth, PRLog removed my press releases as they have the right to do, but I will now post them on my website anyway.

Some of you are asking why I don't attach these press releases to the Principal Capital stock quotation. There are two answers to this. First of all, the Bulletin Board stock (PCGI) is no longer controlled by Michael. This shell corporation was taken away from him after he didn't pay for it. Secondly, the PINK SHEET stock (PCPG) is under regulatory scrutiny and is extremely unlikely to ever trade. To this extent, Principal Capital Group aka Legacy Capital Group is not a publicly traded company, in spite of Michael's assertions that it is.

Sean Morrisey Just Doesn't Get It

Some people have to lose everything before they get it. At yesterday's Order for the Examination of the Judgment Debtor hearing, Michael didn't appear even though his Attorney and employee Sean Morrissey promised that he would. After waiting around 90 minutes, my attorney, David Harter, asked the Judge to dramatically raise Michael's bail because he had just pled guilty to felony bank fraud and had had that associated warrant outstanding for 8 years. Mr. Morrissey quickly interjected with, "what's that got to do with this?". The Court Commissioner had no problem figuring out what one thing had to do with the other and imposed $50,000 bail on Michael.

Some people just don't get it until it's too late.

Welcome to My Blog

Here I will be providing background, stories, evidence, insight and commentary of Michael Osborn, his activities and his cohorts. It should be kept in mind that a con man requires a whole network of partners, shills, and others who provide aid and comfort in order to keep a man like this out of jail.

I am dedicated to having Michael incarcerated and anybody standing in my way will be treated as an accomplice and therefore the enemy. Michael has ruined the lives of countless numbers of people and is still affecting the future of people who are too star-struck by his intelligence and sales pitch to realize that they are being had.

My history with Michael goes back to 2002 when I was approached to be the CEO of one of his schemes. I quickly came to realize that I was only retained to be a nother dupe in a scam operation and upon investigating his background, sued him for Fraud, amongst other causes of action. I was awarded a Judgment against him and Harold Gregg in the amount of $405,000, with which interest has accrued to a debt of almost half a million dollars. As anybody who has had an dealings with me will attest to, it is impossible to take advantage of me and if you do not do right by me, I will make your life a living hell. I believe that Michael Osborn is now prepared to agree with me on that.

You are welcome to comment on my posts and discuss your own dealings with Michael. I would prefer that you do not comment anonymously as your comment will carry less weight.

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