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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Don't Walk Away, Shenae

Well Shenae Osborn has screwed over another landlord/innkeeper.  This will be the third instance reported to me since Michael went to prison exactly one year ago (although I am sure there are many more) and the 11th I've heard of since the Osborns fled their trail of landlord and innkeeper fraud in Los Angeles several years ago for the then virgin territories of the greater NYC area.

Yesterday, I received emails and then phone calls from a pair of upset men who had recently come to the realization that they had been taken for a ride by Shenae.  Michael's wife and partner-in-crime has been dragging her three boys across New York and Pennsylvania for the past year.  On September 1st, Shenae had taken hold of a condominium she had found, courtesy of AirBnB, at 305 West 50th #11E in New York.  She paid the rent of over $4,000/month for the first two months, but since November 1st has stiffed the boys for payment.  They came to realize their predicament once they found this blog and the recitations of excuses for which the Osborns have become famous.  Apparently, Shenae has learned well, as she fed her newest victims the very same "the dog ate my homework" type lines Mike has been spewing to his marks over the years, and which I've listed ad nauseum in previous posts.

Shenae's latest address was set after she fled/screwed the posh Symphony Towers at over $12,000/month for the comforts of Mossic, Pennsylvania to be near Michael's then home, Caanan Penitentiary. After he was transferred back to Brooklyn MDC, for reasons unclear to me, Shenae headed back to the Big Apple, presumably to be nearer to him.

Michael's current billeting is confusing, as Brooklyn MDC is generally a holding facility for those awaiting trial or disposition of their case.  It is not generally intended for permanent housing.  It is possible that Mike is about to face further music or is a witness in another case, but who knows?

Anyway, back to Shenae. The current condo she is squatting on is owned by the aforementioned gentlemen who are of Jewish Moroccan background.  In order to get into their good graces, Shenae feigned being a member of the tribe (Jewish). She even went as far as to hang a Mezuzah outside of her front door. In reality, she is very Catholic and she hates Jews.

When confronted by her landlords about this blog, Shenae of course claimed to be terrified of me and that I was the scourge of her life.  Funny, since she continues to claim that she has never met me--she has--why would she be terrified of me?  I am harmless with the exception that I report her crimes.

The duped landlords came to me for advice and I suggested they contact an attorney and begin an Unlawful Detainer action to get her out of the condo.  It is my belief that process is now underway, so Shenae has a limited time to seek out her next victim. Hopefully, the boys will see the court action through to its conclusion, even though Shenae is likely to flee before the Sheriff shows up at her door, in order that the eviction order appears on her credit report, thus severely limiting her ability to steal accommodations from anybody else.  Certainly AirBnb, which has reportedly offered to help these gentlemen, will no longer be offering aid and comfort to Shenae.

I suppose that this post will encourage Shenae to resume her own maniacal posting on her own blog in which I am once again blamed for all of the troubles in her life.  Note to Shenae:  Hey baby, I only report 'em. You conduct the crimes of your own volition.  Maybe you should go to confession.

Her blog posts are also laughable in that she feels that in spite of stealing millions from victims over the years, guys like Mike shouldn't be in prison, but confined to home so that they can continue to provide for their family.  Yeah, I guess Shenae misses the lifestyle Mike was able to provide with his schemes and she feels that he should be free to continue them within the confines of his comfy stolen habitat. She is obviously not as good at stealing as he is.

Oh and Shenae, please wish Michael a belated happy one year anniversary in prison.  Only 4 1/2 years to go.