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Friday, April 14, 2017

Shenae's New Scheme

As you can imagine, I'm always interested in what Shenae is up to since her money machine, Michael became a guest of the federal government.  FYI, he has now been moved to Caanan Penitentiary in Pennsylvania and is scheduled to be released in June 2022.

In the meantime, Shenae is living comfortably off the money she and Michael managed to steal in the VIP Wall Street/Aged Debt scheme for which they are now being sued by the SEC. Shenae's answer to the lawsuit was due on April 5th, but no answer appears on the Pacer service as of today.  This comes as no surprise to me.  She is likely to ignore the lawsuit.

Shenae and the kids have taken up residence in the Symphony Towers at 235 W 56th St New York, NY 10019. For the safety of the kids, I won't post the unit number, but those of you who have any interest for legal purposes may contact me for that information.  I have informed Symphony Towers management that they have an embezzler in their building, just in case she comes up with the standard Osborn excuses for not paying rent.  I've also informed them that she and Michael have committed multiple instance of innkeeper fraud and ripped off several landlords in New York and Los Angeles.

The other day, I came across the smartphone app "KidsEat4FreeN.Y."

After a little bit of research I was able to confirm that the app is owned by a very fresh New York corporation, Kids Media Corp. which is owned by Shenae.

Shenae has created a video advertisement which she claimed appears on the website, and she uploaded to YouTube.  As soon as I commented on her criminal past, she removed the video from YouTube.  In the meantime, I have warned about the tendency of Shenae's enterprises to be fraudulent. I am also in the process of warning all the restaurants that appear on the app.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

SEC Files New Litigation Against Michael Osborn, Shenae Osborn and Virgil Williams for the Scam

Much as I had previously predicted, on March 9th, civil charges were announced by the SEC against VIPWallSt, Inc., Michael Todd Osborn, Shenae Catherine Osborn and Virgil Gene Williams for ripping off dupes for over $400K under the scheme.  VIPWallSt, a Delaware corporation created by Michael, was the purported owner of the website. Shenae was the CEO of VIPWallSt. and had sole control over its financial accounts.

While criminal indictments have not yet been revealed, I have reason to believe that they exist.

According to the court filed complaint, Michael and Virgil solicited subscribers to their website to become investors in At least seven investors contributed to the scheme. These dupes signed Equity Participation Partnership Agreements under which AgedDebt purported to purchase convertible notes against public companies, convert them to stock and then sell the stock into the market. Profits were to be split 30% - 70% with the Osborns and Williams to receive the lion's share. Shenae signed most of the agreements on behalf of She was also the only signer on the bank account.

As is common for Michael, phony account statements and trade reports were distributed to investors and Mike and Virgil made verbal misrepresentations on the telephone. Mike used the alias "Tom Furlong" when dealing with investors in order to hide from his past crimes and escape this website, Attempts to elude this blog were in vain, as I had already exposed Mike's involvement prior to the unsealing of the indictments in the Commissum Universes scheme.

Shenae in October 2016
Of the over $400,000 that was raised from investors, only $5,000 was used to purchase notes, even though the website listed several transactions.  The rest of the money was pocketed by the crooks. Shenae personally authorized the transactions that enabled the misappropriation of funds.

The Osborns were last reported to be living at a New York hotel at the cost of almost $12,000 per month. Since Michael's incarceration for the Commissum Universes scam, Shenae and the kids have apparently disappeared again.
"Michael Osborn and Shenae Osborn controlled VIP’s financial accounts and knew investor funds were not used to purchase convertible notes or other rights to securities, but were instead used to pay personal and other expenses."
Virgil Williams
During July 2015, the website stated that it had begun returning funds to the investors. It stated, “As of today’s date, we have paid out the largest partners and are now down to 7 partners remaining.” In reality, not a single dime was returned and their were only seven "partners".  The statement was issued in an attempt to temporarily provide comfort to the victims of the scheme and provide false hope that their monies would be returned,

According to the complaint, the Osborns had already spent almost all of the stolen funds.  It seems fantastic that they could have spent more than $400K that quickly, but in the past the Osborns have shown that they have the ability spend money fast. At least $5 million has disappeared in the last 6 years. I would however imagine that a few dollars have been socked away under a mattress somewhere in case of emergencies like Michael's incarceration. The complaint states that Shenae withdrew $250,000 in cash and cashiers checks from the VIPWallSt bank account.

Virgil Williams' take from the scheme was not specified in the complaint, other than to say that he "was compensated".

Michael, who is now imprisoned at the Canaan penitentiary in Pennsylvania, is scheduled to be released on June 22, 2022, but I wouldn't bet on that happening.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Press Reports About Michael's Sentence

Here are a links to yesterday's DOJ announcement of Mike Osborn's sentencing and a few mentions in the press. Enjoy!

US Department of Justice

Denver Post

Channel 9 News

Denver Business Journal

In other news, Michael's constant cohort, Virgil Williams, took down the Genesis Gives website yesterday.  Looks like Virgil won't be giving anything for a while, now that the mastermind has been put to bed.  I do expect Virgil will be serving in the not to distant future, however, if you catch my drift.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

"Worth the price of admission!"
Michael Osborn Begins a 77 Month Prison Sentence

Retrieve the Court's Judgment here.

December 1st was Michael Osborn's day of reckoning and I love Colorado justice. The disdain for Mike dripped from both Prosecutor Linda Kaufman and Judge Christine Arguello. They verbally attacked him in a way I have never seen in California. Right from the word go, it was obvious that the Judge was going to throw the book at him for his masterminding of the Commissum Universes scam in which Mike and co-Defendant Corey Engelen embezzled $695,000 from ten victims who believed that they were investing in funds that did not exist.

Mike received a 77 month sentence, of which 80% must be served in a Federal conviction. When his term is up, he will be subjected to 3 years of supervised release. Mike was also ordered to pay a $100,000 fine, $200 in costs and make restitution in the amount of $695,000. All of these amounts are subject to interest.

Mike made a brief statement to the court, expressing regret for the shame he has brought upon his wife and three sons. He neglected to address his other three children whom he has abandoned.

Public Defender Matthew Belcher, made a laughable statement praising Mike's forthrightness and admission of his crimes and his stated desire to make restitution.  It's difficult to decipher whether Belcher was fulfilling his duty in making a full-throated defense of Osborn, or if he was another person conned by Mike. Likely the latter. Every effort to gain the Judge's favor was rejected.

In pronouncing the sentence the Judge look right at Osborn and said, "Your conduct indicates to me that you're a con man."  She doesn't even know the half of it.

Corey is scheduled to be sentenced in January and is expected to receive about a 24 month term.  Mike's sentence was stiffer because the Judge tagged him for being the "leader", "organizer", "supervisor" of the criminal activity and because he "exercised some degree of control". His California conviction in the Car Max and check fraud case was also considered.

The Judge sustained Osborn's objection to my request to address the court, so I was not permitted to make a statement, but nonetheless the money spent to go to Denver and watch the proceedings was worth the price of admission.

Here are some of my favorite soundbites from the hearing.

"Money was never invested. It was spent as soon as it was received."

"[Osborn] relocated every few weeks"

"Not forthcoming in finances [to probation officer]."

"[Sentencing] guidelines are not strict enough."

"Would have given a stiffer sentence if not for waiver of appellate rights."

"Took extraordinary steps to avoid arrest."

"[Osborn] lied to probation office about residence."

It was evident that Michael's behavior during his release on bond did not impress either the Prosecutor, Judge or probation officer. The Prosecutor outlined Mike's deceptive behavior which violated the conditions of his release. The Osborns moved frequently without informing the probation officer where they were living, until they finally settled into a New York apartment, which they have been renting for the last six months at the astronomical price of $11,735 per month.

Also in violation with the terms of his release, Mike co-mingled his money with Shenae, presenting her bank accounts in finance reports as well as a PayPal account. He also reported having a net worth of $10 million. That really bit him in the ass in the eyes of the Judge who wasn't buying any part of it. Odd that a guy worth so much would have availed himself of the public defender's services to fight for his freedom.

The 77 month sentence included a 10 month discount that was granted in exchange for Michael having waived his right to appeal and because he cooperated with the prosecution of Corey Engelen. Reportedly, he spilled the beans on many people including Attorney Jehu Hand, who is facing his own long prison sentence following a grand jury indictment, in an attempt to curry favor with the prosecution and the court. Nevertheless, the Judge only granted only a portion of the discount the Prosecutor recommended. The Judge was inclined to give Mike the maximum sentence and even made statements suggesting that she would impose a stiffer sentence if she could.

Mike requested that he be released on his bond after sentencing and that he be allowed to surrender to serve his sentence on January 7, 2017. He felt that he would be able to earn enough money by then to make the restitution to his victims. The Judge and Prosecutor were having none of that. They rightly took the position that if Mike really had $10 million in assets, he could have already made restitution. Furthermore, Mike's claimed sources of income were vague. Among the reasons that he was deemed a flight risk was his failure to report his residence to the probation officer as required.  Of particular interest was the revelation that Michael immediately arranged to move his family from the Connecticut home they were renting when he learned that the Feds were coming for him.  He hired a moving company, requesting a same day move, but settled for a next day move.  The mover stored all of the Osborn's possessions and then liquidated them at auction because Michael did not pay the bill (Surprise!). It took several months for the Feds to find Michael, who was deliberately evading arrest. They finally located him at New York's Beacon Hotel, after calling around to hotels close to the proximity of the Wells Fargo branch where he was making periodic deposits to my bank account towards my Judgment. I had informed the IRS agent of the address of that branch.

My relationship with Mike was also key in denying his request for a January 7th surrender. Shenae's short-lived blog was taken down soon after I told Mike that I saw it and that I was about to post proof that Shenae was lying, especially about me.  However, I was able to save a pdf copy of the site and I assume that Prosecutor Kaufman retrieved it from this website which she did access. In the discussion of Mike's request, Kaufman quoted a statement from Shenae's blog, "I can literally pack up a family and all of our belongings in a matter of 20 minutes! Practice makes perfect although I don't recommend it." That didn't give anybody a warm fuzzy feeling about the probability of Mike fulfilling his promise to surrender. Neither did his failure to appear at several court-ordered Judgment Debtor Exams with respect to his debt to me.

Mike's failure to appear at hearings regarding his Car Max arrest and at a criminal case in Nevada for bouncing checks at The Venetian Hotel were also cited in the denial of his request for self-surrender.

Finally the Prosecutor made specific note of the fact that the SEC had already informed Mike that they were going to bring charges for an investment scheme conducted in 2015, and with that looming over his head, he was even more likely to go on the lam.

It is likely that the SEC is referring to the scheme that cost investors millions of dollars last year and which the Michigan office of the FBI is currently investigating.  If this is indeed the chicken that is coming home to roost, then Shenae Osborn, Alexandre Schneer and Virgil Williams should probably be concerned about future knocks at their doors.

Michael is now at Englewood FCI, a minimum security facility that also houses Jared Fogel, the Subway sandwich spokesman serving a long stint instead of footlongs because he enjoys the company of children. Osborn's stay there may be temporary, as he his looking to be closer to Shenae and her kids on the East Coast. He requested that the Judge specifically assign him to Danbury FCI in Connecticut, but the Judge indicated that she wasn't about to do Mike any favors and would leave it to the Bureau of Prisons to decide where he should be housed.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Government Calls Osborn A Flight Risk

It appears that the prosecutor in Osborn's case for the Commissum Universes scam agrees with me that Michael is indeed a flight risk and that he will not show for his promised January 7th surrender date.

Specifically noted in the opposition papers filed with the court on Friday, is the government's belief that Michael has only complied with the terms of his bail because he had not been facing incarceration at the time. Even then, he was not fully compliant, having obfuscated the source of his income and improperly co-mingling funds with Shenae and maintaining a PayPal account. Of particular interest, is that Michael is reportedly paying $11,000 per month in rent in New York City. This bothers the government who decries the fact that Mike has not reported the source of his income. Of course it all comes from scams.

Within its opposition, the government cites the times Michael has not shown up for judgment debtor exams ordered by the court in relation to his debt to me and for his initial hearing in the Car Max theft case.

The document also describes the transient nature of the Osborns' and even alludes to the rip off of landlords, hardly a new tale. In order to elude arrest, Michael abandoned his family's property, leaving it to be auctioned off by the moving company who provided a last minute move from the Connecticut property the Osborns were renting.  It was not until May that he was arrested at the Beacon Hotel.

Victims of Michael's crimes can take solace in the fact that the government has also recognized that Michael makes empty promises of payment, calling him "a Master at leading his investors, time and time again, to believe that they would soon be paid." Reference is also made to Mike's tendency to pay restitution and judgments with stolen funds.

Of particular interest is the revelation that the SEC is about to charge Michael with securities fraud for an unrelated scheme.  It is my understanding that this is in relation to the PumpTracker/Fortitude Group fraud and not the scheme that the Michigan office of the FBI is investigating.

At any rate, Michael is facing a long stretch in the federal pokey and given the government's stance against his delayed incarceration, it will be interesting to see whether he even shows up on December 1st. I give it a 50-50 chance.

Don't forget to follow my Twitter feed for the play-by-play call and color commentary, live from the sentencing hearing.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Osborn to Be Sentenced December 1st and I Will Be There

Well Michael will finally get sentenced for his part in the Commissum Universes scandal, in which he has admitted stealing $645,000. The sentencing hearing will be at 10:00am on December 1st in Denver, Colorado and I already have my plane ticket.  I have informed the Prosecutor that I have a statement to make to the court before the Judge drops the hammer.  In that statement, I will be detailing all of Michael's schemes since CU, including the ones that are ongoing right now.

Within his statement prior to sentencing, Michael is asking the court for leniency, i.e. only 47 months of incarceration followed by 3 years of supervised release.  He is also asking for the relatively comfy confines of Danbury FCI.  He is also asking that he remain free until January 7th so that he can earn the $645,000 restitution and enough money to provide for his family while he is in prison.  Anyone who knows Michael, knows that there is no way that he is going to make a million bucks legitimately. Or 50 cents for that matter. If he gets this money, it will be stolen, he will keep it and I believe he may very well flee. At any rate, I will ask the Judge to have him report the source of the funds with documentation.

I will also argue that he should not receive the relative comforts of Danbury while there are people who have literally lost everything because of his schemes.  I will also recount the admonishment that I gave the court at his CarMax sentencing when I told the Judge that nothing will change with Michael when he gets out.  Indeed, he is a much bigger crook today than he was then.

Within its pre-sentencing memorandum, the prosecution is asking for 70 - 87 months of incarceration. He is likely to receive a number in that range and I am obviously going to push for the higher number. Michael will be required to serve at least 80% of his sentence. I will also point out that the Michigan office of the FBI is currently investigating him for the scam.

I think that there is a good chance that Michael will be an old man when he is released from prison if he gets indicted and convicted for AgedDebt and perhaps the Fortitude Group/PumpTracker scheme while he his serving this sentence.

Watch my Twitter feed for up to the minute reports, live from his sentencing hearing.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Corey Engelen's Plea Agreement Looks to Sink Mike

In a plea agreement filed October 13, 2016, Osborn's co-conspirator, Corey Engelen, fully exposes the Commissum Universes scheme.

According to the agreement, which would have had to have been corroborated by the prosecutors, the lion's share of the $695,000 absconded in phony investment schemes went to Osborn. While Engelen did use funds for his personal needs, some monies went towards bailing Mike out of jail (three separate occasions), a Mercedes-Benz, restitution to Steve Eckhert to cover a bad check Mike had written and for which he was facing criminal trial, and to me towards the judgment I still hold against him. Most of the money was spent on Mike and his family's living expenses. It is clear from the agreement that Mike's wife, Shenae Osborn, was well aware of what was going on and was only too happy to use some of the funds herself.

It appears form the agreement that Corey Engelen will receive a sentence of 12 to 18 months. One criminal attorney I spoke with figured that Mike was going to get tagged with a 6 - 12 year prison term.

While all this is going on, the investigation is ongoing and is surely something Mike and his cohorts will have to deal with during Mike's time in the pokey.  I have no indication that Engeen is involved in that scheme, but I would guess that Shenae Osborn, Alexandre Scheer and Virgil Williams have a lot to sweat about.

Speaking of Virgil, I will be interested to see how he continues to defend his long time partner-in-crime on his Genesis Gives website, a phony charity that I have already spoken about at length.

Monday, October 17, 2016

More Lies From the Lying Liars

Over the 14 years I have known Michael Osborn, I have tried to instill in him a truth that he just won't grasp. His former partner, Aniko Kaye was the same way. And of course, past and present partner, Virgil Williams couldn't tell the truth if he knew what "truth" meant. Now it has become obvious that his wife, Brenda Williams, is also complicit in the schemes of Virgil and the Osborns.

A good liar has to have a good memory

Michael absolutely refuses to grasp this notion. He also constantly overlooks the fact that sooner or later I find out everything. That's because the people he screws eventually Google him, find this site and then tell me their story.

The latest lies of Messers. Osborn and Williams comes through the "Genesis Gives" scam that I wrote about earlier. First, I have to point out the comical budget for "the remainder of 2016". "Our G&A for the remainder of 2016 is $1,000,000 which includes payroll, printing, legal, accounting, rent, utilities, insurance and office materials".  The Osborns and the Williams run this scheme from their homes. There is no printing, legal, accounting, rent, utilities, insurance or office materials.  There is only so-called payroll, which is funds skimmed off the top to line the pockets of the four pirates. Of course it's not an issue because nobody is stupid enough to give these crooks a dime, but suffice to say that they admit that they would stuff the first million bucks in their pockets, if they could.

So after I first exposed the Genesis Gives fraud on this blog last August, Virgil posted an August 14 response on Genesis Gives' own blog page. Herein come the lies:

(1) Virgil claimed that, "Shenae Osborn, who until Friday was a Co-Administrator of Genesis has resigned all positions in Genesis because she didn't want unrelated matters in her personal life to affect the positive work Genesis is doing for families impacted by incarceration."

Yeah, no.

In an email to one of the poor dupes who expected all this help from Genesis, Shenae writes, "I resigned fro [sic] my position as I have so many other projects going on but have appointed a great person that will continue to run Genesis Gives so your situation is my last one to finish handling."

Now which one is lying? Virgil who blames Shenae's so-called resignation one me, or Shenae who claims she resigned because she has oh so many projects?

Also note, the standard Osborn malarkey when it comes to delivering promised funds. Many times in this blog I have referred to the typical pleadings of, "the money hasn't come in" or "the bank put a hold on the deposit" among the many excuses that Michael offers.  It looks like Shenae has learned to parrot the "company line".

(2) "As I understand it, to date Michael has paid this man over a million in cash and three million in securities." Absolutely, positively pure hokum as I said in my previous post. Where in the world would Michael get this kind of money? Well yes, his dozens of scams, but I guarantee he doesn't use those funds to pay off his debts.

(3) "He is nothing more than a con-man and an ambulance chaser." WOW! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!.  Michael is on his way to the hole for the second time and may not come out for many, many years.  How many times have you been in prison, Virgil?

(4) "No, it is not true that Michael has any involvement with Genesis other than in a technology consulting role."

Oh really?  I'll let the screenshots of a conversation between Mike and one of the dupes who believed he was getting money do the talking.

Do the conversations sound like Michael has only a technology consulting role in Genesis Gives?  Of course not! His role in the scam is confirmed in the bio Michael himself published.

(5) "In case you have seen this man's website, let me address some of his most obvious errors: Corporation: New York, not Nevada"

Hey, Dumbo! It was your site that said it was a Nevada Corporation, remember?  No? Here's a reminder.

But that's OK, because the Genesis Project of America  is not incorporated in New York either!

I can't wait to find out how these con-artists try to lie their way out of these "gotchas".