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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Osborn to Be Sentenced December 1st and I Will Be There

Well Michael will finally get sentenced for his part in the Commissum Universes scandal, in which he has admitted stealing $645,000. The sentencing hearing will be at 10:00am on December 1st in Denver, Colorado and I already have my plane ticket.  I have informed the Prosecutor that I have a statement to make to the court before the Judge drops the hammer.  In that statement, I will be detailing all of Michael's schemes since CU, including the ones that are ongoing right now.

Within his statement prior to sentencing, Michael is asking the court for leniency, i.e. only 47 months of incarceration followed by 3 years of supervised release.  He is also asking for the relatively comfy confines of Danbury FCI.  He is also asking that he remain free until January 7th so that he can earn the $645,000 restitution and enough money to provide for his family while he is in prison.  Anyone who knows Michael, knows that there is no way that he is going to make a million bucks legitimately. Or 50 cents for that matter. If he gets this money, it will be stolen, he will keep it and I believe he may very well flee. At any rate, I will ask the Judge to have him report the source of the funds with documentation.

I will also argue that he should not receive the relative comforts of Danbury while there are people who have literally lost everything because of his schemes.  I will also recount the admonishment that I gave the court at his CarMax sentencing when I told the Judge that nothing will change with Michael when he gets out.  Indeed, he is a much bigger crook today than he was then.

Within its pre-sentencing memorandum, the prosecution is asking for 70 - 87 months of incarceration. He is likely to receive a number in that range and I am obviously going to push for the higher number. Michael will be required to serve at least 80% of his sentence. I will also point out that the Michigan office of the FBI is currently investigating him for the scam.

I think that there is a good chance that Michael will be an old man when he is released from prison if he gets indicted and convicted for AgedDebt and perhaps the Fortitude Group/PumpTracker scheme while he his serving this sentence.

Watch my Twitter feed for up to the minute reports, live from his sentencing hearing.

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