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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is there a strange man living at Michael Osborn's home?

Gee Michael, you better watch your homestead. Apparently, strangers are answering your door.

The Sheriff tried to serve some documents on Michael a couple of days ago and all we know is that a male answered the door. There is no confirmation that it was or was not Michael Osborn who answered the door. What we do have confirmed from the Sheriff was that service was attempted at Osborn's home at 1883 Catlin Street, Fullerton, CA 92835. The surprise is that he must have been a complete stranger to Michael because this chap claims that he has no knowledge of Michael's Principal Capital Group. So what is a stranger doing there Mike? I would investigate that if I were you.

Here is the letter we got from the sheriff.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mike Tries to Con His Emplyees

So here it is, February 28, 2009 and faced with the Sheriff coming any day to evict Principal Capital Group from its Fullerton offices and being behind 3 payroll checks to his staff, Mike concocts the following message to his employees:

"Attn: Principal Capital Group Traders in Training
Until Further notice, the trading floor at Principal Capital Group is being closed to the existing trading staff. As a public company, information in our office is to remain confidential and it has come to our attention that a breach of information has been supplied to individuals and previous employees via email, phone and text messages that is not materially available to the investment public. The information provided is being used in an attempt to extort funds from the company for which a complaint is being prepared. Under Federal SEC rules, the act of Corporate Conspiracy is punishable by both fines and federal prison. We have retained ICS, a corporate security firm to investigate our preliminary findings and trace the communication and the parties involved so we can submit the finding to the federal regulators that oversee our business.
As far as paychecks, we have opened a new account for payroll and a member of our outside security firm will be meeting with each employee individually this week for an interview at which point employee checks will be delivered. Employees will be required to sign a full and complete release as well as a confidentiality agreement at that time. All traders will remain on payroll while this investigation is ongoing and completed and will be required to work from home providing full trade reports of the demo trades during each trading session provided via email to> at the end of each day. In the event reports are not submitted daily will be grounds for immediate termination. Again, it is our full intention to take our findings of this ongoing investigation to the appropriate regulatory bodies for disciplinary action. Traders with information that may be useful to the investigation are encouraged to come forward while traders with information they keep from the company will be deemed an acomplis and treated accordigley.
M. Osborn
Chairman of the Board"

Of course the employees still haven't been paid, he hasn't filed a complaint with neither the court nor the SEC and ICS has never heard of him.

Typical Michael.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nerve or stupidty ?

click on the underlined to retrieve the referred document

As I've stated before, I have a judgment against Michael and Harold Gregg currently worth about half a million dollars. The only way for them to be relieved of this judgment is to pay it off because civil judgments for fraud cannot be eliminated by bankruptcy. Therefore, I get to chase them forever.

On March 30, 2009, Michael and I sign off on a payoff agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, the first payment was due on March 29. Yes, I realize that payment would be due a day earlier, but it is actually two days later than the original date Michael proposed 2 weeks earlier. And since the agreement calls for a 3 day grace period, he had until April 1 to make the payment. Otherwise, we proceed with the Examination of the Judgment Debtor ordered by the Court Commissioner for April 2, 2009.

Not surprisingly, Michael did not make the payment and my attorney, David Harter and I showed up in court for the examination. Well from my last press release you know what happened there.

The curious thing is that when Michael's employee/attorney, Sean Morrissey shows up, he presents David with a new payoff agreement with covenants that prohibit me from (amongst other things) putting out press releases, publishing my website or talking to employees and Principal Capital Group shareholders, potential shareholder, employees or clients. Now could anyone out there tell me why I would sign this new agreement, which by the way, gives up my First Ammendment rights, when he is already in breach of the original agreement that is only 3 days old? Not only that but they present this agreement without even showing up with a check for the overdue payment!

Is Michael Osborn this brazen? Is Sean Morrissey this ... well feel free to fill in your own adjective here.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Michael is desperate

So Michael went whining to the Press Wire claiming that I was lying in my press releases. Here's what he wrote to
Your press release has been removed. You may contact the complainant for clarification. (Ref-e2602cd7) wrote-

The following press release is distributing false information:

The press release is distributing false and missleading information in an attempt to defame and extort money.

the press releases need to be removed or we will be forced to file legal action.

Rather than check out whether I was telling the truth, PRLog removed my press releases as they have the right to do, but I will now post them on my website anyway.

Some of you are asking why I don't attach these press releases to the Principal Capital stock quotation. There are two answers to this. First of all, the Bulletin Board stock (PCGI) is no longer controlled by Michael. This shell corporation was taken away from him after he didn't pay for it. Secondly, the PINK SHEET stock (PCPG) is under regulatory scrutiny and is extremely unlikely to ever trade. To this extent, Principal Capital Group aka Legacy Capital Group is not a publicly traded company, in spite of Michael's assertions that it is.

Sean Morrisey Just Doesn't Get It

Some people have to lose everything before they get it. At yesterday's Order for the Examination of the Judgment Debtor hearing, Michael didn't appear even though his Attorney and employee Sean Morrissey promised that he would. After waiting around 90 minutes, my attorney, David Harter, asked the Judge to dramatically raise Michael's bail because he had just pled guilty to felony bank fraud and had had that associated warrant outstanding for 8 years. Mr. Morrissey quickly interjected with, "what's that got to do with this?". The Court Commissioner had no problem figuring out what one thing had to do with the other and imposed $50,000 bail on Michael.

Some people just don't get it until it's too late.

Welcome to My Blog

Here I will be providing background, stories, evidence, insight and commentary of Michael Osborn, his activities and his cohorts. It should be kept in mind that a con man requires a whole network of partners, shills, and others who provide aid and comfort in order to keep a man like this out of jail.

I am dedicated to having Michael incarcerated and anybody standing in my way will be treated as an accomplice and therefore the enemy. Michael has ruined the lives of countless numbers of people and is still affecting the future of people who are too star-struck by his intelligence and sales pitch to realize that they are being had.

My history with Michael goes back to 2002 when I was approached to be the CEO of one of his schemes. I quickly came to realize that I was only retained to be a nother dupe in a scam operation and upon investigating his background, sued him for Fraud, amongst other causes of action. I was awarded a Judgment against him and Harold Gregg in the amount of $405,000, with which interest has accrued to a debt of almost half a million dollars. As anybody who has had an dealings with me will attest to, it is impossible to take advantage of me and if you do not do right by me, I will make your life a living hell. I believe that Michael Osborn is now prepared to agree with me on that.

You are welcome to comment on my posts and discuss your own dealings with Michael. I would prefer that you do not comment anonymously as your comment will carry less weight.

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