This website is dedicated to making the public aware of Michael Todd Osborn aka Michael Osborn Ison. In the past, Osborn has performed cons under the guise of Commissum Universes, LP; Principal Capital Group, Inc., Legacy Capital Group, Inc,,,,,, and Currently, he runs his confidence schemes under Commify Technology Corp. Here, you will enter the world of this confidence man and gain insight into his scams. Hopefully, some of Osborn's future targets will benefit from the experience of others.

Harold Gregg, Virgil Williams, Corey Engelen, Jehu Hand, Aniko Kaye, Anthony Hruska, Michael Porter, Christopher Laursen, Clinton Greyling, Thomas Parilla, Alexandre Scheer

SCAMS MICHAEL HAS PARTICIPATED IN:, Fortitude Group, Inc. (FRTD), ThePumpTracker Fund, Victory Capital Holdings Corporation, Principal Capital Group, Inc., Virtual Gaming Enterprises, Commissum Universes, LP, Las Vegas Airlines

MICHAEL'S CURRENT SCAMS : Commify Technology Corp., Genesis Gives, VW Win Century, Inc. (OTC Pink: VWIN), Star Alliance International Corp. (OTC Pink: STAL), Inbit Corp. (OTC Pink: INBT)

KNOWN ALIASES: Jerry Lambert, Michael Lamont, Tom Furlong

Monday, October 31, 2016

Corey Engelen's Plea Agreement Looks to Sink Mike

In a plea agreement filed October 13, 2016, Osborn's co-conspirator, Corey Engelen, fully exposes the Commissum Universes scheme.

According to the agreement, which would have had to have been corroborated by the prosecutors, the lion's share of the $695,000 absconded in phony investment schemes went to Osborn. While Engelen did use funds for his personal needs, some monies went towards bailing Mike out of jail (three separate occasions), a Mercedes-Benz, restitution to Steve Eckhert to cover a bad check Mike had written and for which he was facing criminal trial, and to me towards the judgment I still hold against him. Most of the money was spent on Mike and his family's living expenses. It is clear from the agreement that Mike's wife, Shenae Osborn, was well aware of what was going on and was only too happy to use some of the funds herself.

It appears form the agreement that Corey Engelen will receive a sentence of 12 to 18 months. One criminal attorney I spoke with figured that Mike was going to get tagged with a 6 - 12 year prison term.

While all this is going on, the investigation is ongoing and is surely something Mike and his cohorts will have to deal with during Mike's time in the pokey.  I have no indication that Engeen is involved in that scheme, but I would guess that Shenae Osborn, Alexandre Scheer and Virgil Williams have a lot to sweat about.

Speaking of Virgil, I will be interested to see how he continues to defend his long time partner-in-crime on his Genesis Gives website, a phony charity that I have already spoken about at length.

Monday, October 17, 2016

More Lies From the Lying Liars

Over the 14 years I have known Michael Osborn, I have tried to instill in him a truth that he just won't grasp. His former partner, Aniko Kaye was the same way. And of course, past and present partner, Virgil Williams couldn't tell the truth if he knew what "truth" meant. Now it has become obvious that his wife, Brenda Williams, is also complicit in the schemes of Virgil and the Osborns.

A good liar has to have a good memory

Michael absolutely refuses to grasp this notion. He also constantly overlooks the fact that sooner or later I find out everything. That's because the people he screws eventually Google him, find this site and then tell me their story.

The latest lies of Messers. Osborn and Williams comes through the "Genesis Gives" scam that I wrote about earlier. First, I have to point out the comical budget for "the remainder of 2016". "Our G&A for the remainder of 2016 is $1,000,000 which includes payroll, printing, legal, accounting, rent, utilities, insurance and office materials".  The Osborns and the Williams run this scheme from their homes. There is no printing, legal, accounting, rent, utilities, insurance or office materials.  There is only so-called payroll, which is funds skimmed off the top to line the pockets of the four pirates. Of course it's not an issue because nobody is stupid enough to give these crooks a dime, but suffice to say that they admit that they would stuff the first million bucks in their pockets, if they could.

So after I first exposed the Genesis Gives fraud on this blog last August, Virgil posted an August 14 response on Genesis Gives' own blog page. Herein come the lies:

(1) Virgil claimed that, "Shenae Osborn, who until Friday was a Co-Administrator of Genesis has resigned all positions in Genesis because she didn't want unrelated matters in her personal life to affect the positive work Genesis is doing for families impacted by incarceration."

Yeah, no.

In an email to one of the poor dupes who expected all this help from Genesis, Shenae writes, "I resigned fro [sic] my position as I have so many other projects going on but have appointed a great person that will continue to run Genesis Gives so your situation is my last one to finish handling."

Now which one is lying? Virgil who blames Shenae's so-called resignation one me, or Shenae who claims she resigned because she has oh so many projects?

Also note, the standard Osborn malarkey when it comes to delivering promised funds. Many times in this blog I have referred to the typical pleadings of, "the money hasn't come in" or "the bank put a hold on the deposit" among the many excuses that Michael offers.  It looks like Shenae has learned to parrot the "company line".

(2) "As I understand it, to date Michael has paid this man over a million in cash and three million in securities." Absolutely, positively pure hokum as I said in my previous post. Where in the world would Michael get this kind of money? Well yes, his dozens of scams, but I guarantee he doesn't use those funds to pay off his debts.

(3) "He is nothing more than a con-man and an ambulance chaser." WOW! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!.  Michael is on his way to the hole for the second time and may not come out for many, many years.  How many times have you been in prison, Virgil?

(4) "No, it is not true that Michael has any involvement with Genesis other than in a technology consulting role."

Oh really?  I'll let the screenshots of a conversation between Mike and one of the dupes who believed he was getting money do the talking.

Do the conversations sound like Michael has only a technology consulting role in Genesis Gives?  Of course not! His role in the scam is confirmed in the bio Michael himself published.

(5) "In case you have seen this man's website, let me address some of his most obvious errors: Corporation: New York, not Nevada"

Hey, Dumbo! It was your site that said it was a Nevada Corporation, remember?  No? Here's a reminder.

But that's OK, because the Genesis Project of America  is not incorporated in New York either!

I can't wait to find out how these con-artists try to lie their way out of these "gotchas".

Monday, October 10, 2016

Want Michael to Pay for His Crimes Against You? Here's How You Get Justice!

US v.  Osborn , 15-cr-058-CMA

If you believe that you have information that would be relevant to Mr. Osborn’s  sentencing in the case pending in the District of Colorado, you are free to submit it to the United States Probation Department, 1929 Stout Street #C-120, Denver, Colorado 80294.

Members of the public typically submit such information in the form of letters to the Court,
which the Probation Department attaches to its presentence report and provides to the
Court, the defendant, defense counsel, and government counsel at least ten days prior to
the date set for sentencing.  The sentencing in this case is set for December 1, 2010  before
United States District Court Judge Christine M. Arguello.

Linda Kaufman
Assistant United States Attorney
1225 17th Street Suite 700

Denver, Colorado 80202

Note from George:  Make sure you refer to the case number at the top of this notice.

Back in the Penny Stock Scam Business

It looks like Mike is trying to figure out a way to make a bunch of money before he is sentenced on December 1st for his wire fraud activities with Corey Engelen. With his scheme gone up in smoke and the Genesis Gives fraud obviously unable to generate much income, our hero has turned back to the penny markets. is the internet face of his non-existent corporation, Commify Technology Corp.  It is also a front for promoting valueless penny stocks, as noted by OTCmarkets, a platform for trading such stocks.

Now how do we know that Commify is Michael?  Well notice that the contact name on the profile above is "Michael Osborn".  We know this is the same Osborn we all know and love because the website lists GenesisGives as one of Commify's "projects".  And as has been pointed out in this article, we know that Genesis Gives is a Michael and Shenae shenanigan together with recidivist criminal, Virgil Williams.

One of Michael's newest schemes is VW Win Century, Inc. (VWIN), a scheme so fresh that it hasn't really launched since it took over the listing from well-known penny stock fraud artist, Shaun Passley. Under Passley, the company was known as FlexFridge (FLXR) and took millions from the public.  No one really know what this "new" company will purport to do, but when you consider the history of this dirty dirty ticker and Michael's involvement, you can be sure that scams are afoot. Although a See Kuy Tan is the purported President of this up and coming fraud, he may or may not exist.  The guy who is really the face of the company is Bruce Barren of Los Angeles.  While I haven't found anything on Mr. Barren yet, he is either a crook or just really, really stupid. Neither characteristic is a qualification for President of a public corporation. Case in point: the company lists Michael as a "consultant". Now considering Osborn's history, did Bruce neglect to a background check on Mike or did he think that I wasn't going to see this? Neither scenario is exactly complimentary of Bruce's skills as a corporate officer. Perhaps, Bruce should start here.

Friday, October 7, 2016

An Attempt to Whitewash the Truth

Here we go again with Michael's attempt to erase his past indiscretions with finger pointing strictly so he can proceed with new indiscretions.  It's a tactic he's tried many times, for example with Abuse of Law which he purported to be a charitable blog, but was really designed to be an attack on me. Recently, Shenae had her blog where she claimed that Michael was charged and jailed for car theft merely because "he forgot to change his address". That blog came down as soon as Michael realized that I had wind of it and I knew the truth. Of course the real truth about his time in the pokey comes in the form of the court's ruling on his appeal of the conviction.

Now Michael has published, a thin mea culpa which is more about pointing the finger than taking blame for the dozens of scams he's operated. Everybody is a culprit in his fabricated story except him.  Michael portrays himself as a victim of his circumstances. I, of course, am the guy who is most at fault. Yes Michael, I must be the reason you formed Victory Capital, Principal Capital Group,, Data Capital Corp., and Commify Technology Corp., to steal millions of dollars from the public.

Let's look at his blog piecemeal.

Notice how he opens looking for sympathy, "I am the son of a teenage mother..." and "I commiserate in the guilty of being a failed Father.."  This is textbook sociopathic behavior."

"Oh don't blame me. I am just insecure" If you've ever met Michael, nobody is more secure than he is.

Trying to convince the reader that he has turned over a new leaf, Michael shamelessly invokes the church: "It wasn't until my early forty's that I returned to the church..."

In this section, Harold Gregg, another convicted felon (as Mike admits), is identified as Mike's father figure. "Like father , like son."  I can't tell you how many times Michael has told me that Harold is stupid.  And if "successful in our business ventures" is measured by the number of people they ripped off, then yes, they were successful. See my previous posts for examples.

Here, Mike's miserable life becomes my fault. And the lies pile on top of each other.  I was not hired as a consultant.  I was hired to be the CEO.  As I have pointed out in the past, the press release says it all. It is true that I sued Victory and Michael and Harold for fraud after I figured out what these guys were really up to. It is also true that I was willing to accept $10,000 in settlement of my salary for the two months of my time as supposed CEO.  It is untrue that I was paid the $10,000 and that was why I sued. It is untrue that Jon Fullenkamp, another penny stock fraud artist, was the CEO at the time I sued.  Michael gave Jon control of Victory after the Hells Angels paid Michael "a visit" for a long overdue debt. Fullenkamp only found out about the lawsuit after Michael had passed on control of the corporation. And by the way, an officer or director of a corporation cannot be indemnified for fraud. And there was no backroom dealing between Fullenkamp and myself. In fact, Jon Fullenkamp was completely taken to task by me in the courtroom as has been well documented in the press.

And yes, Michael has created me.  Once I realized that Osborn had used me to be the face of his schemes, I have become a well-known activist against penny stock fraud. I give Michael full credit for that and always have.

I played off Michael's alcoholism?  I couldn't give a damn that Michael was/is a drunk. That is not an excuse for screwing people over.  And he still does it, even though he claims he is sober (others claim that he is still a drunk). As for attacks on his family, all I have done is expose Shanney/Shenae for her complicity and willing participation in his schemes. This is a fact and I have posted the evidence on this blog many times.  If Mike wants to call this an attack on his family, so be it, but once again he is deflecting blame. His own family, and more recently Shenae's family,  have emailed me to express their shame in having Michael as part of their family including one from his own daughter in 2009. As she was 16 at the time, I don't believe I posted it, but now she is 23 and her shame should be public.

Here are some more emails, including a classic from his sister. I have not yet published the emails from Shenae's family, but if Mike pushes me, I will.

As for Principal Capital Group, I have posted about this scam in the past, but suffice to say that Michael took in millions from now disgruntled investors. Much of it was lost in bad stock trades, but most was spent on his lavish lifestyle with Shenae. There was no trading floor, just Michael on a computer.  There was the facade of a trading operation, but that was for show to create an illusion for dupes.  His past employees all claim that they never got beyond pretend trading for training purposes. They were also all stiffed for salary. And no, there were no entities under the Investment Act of 1940. This is mostly because Michael does not have a Securities License of any kind (as the current indictment makes clear), a situation for which he is the subject of an examination as we speak per the scheme. As for the reference to Abelard Construction, that company was just another of Mike's victims, as the owners of the company state here.

In short, Principal Capital Group was nothing more than a front for collecting funds to support Mike's life and day trading activity.

Mike says that he "was accused in Orange County of several charges..."  Uh no Mike, you were busted for stealing two cars and your continued barrage of bad checks.  Remember, the appeal? There is no way to sugarcoat this Mike.  You are a thief.

As for the small charity, Mike is referring to Abuse of Law, which as I previously referenced was singularly designed to be an attack on me and which the court ordered turned over to me after Michael through in the towel on a defamation lawsuit I filed against him and exposed slumlord, Aniko Kaye.

The Pumptracker was another scheme designed to steal money and its subscriber list was the base from which funds were extracted for the scheme. Contrary to what Mike says, The Pumptracker was a stock promotion site and in fact, pumped shares of the since halted FRTD, a fraudulent scheme which was run by Michael and his partners Thomas Parilla, Andre Scheer, Virgil Williams and recently indicted attorney, Jehu Hand. As most crooks do, Parilla is claiming innocence in the scheme, blaming it entirely on Osborn and Hand.

Well doesn't exist because the planned fraud fell apart with the scheme. There was no platform and Data Capital Corp. was just another fraud by Osborn and the other perpetrators of the con.

Reviv Media was another scam with Shenae's name on it that never got off the ground for some reason.

I have been paid over $1,000,000 in cash and $3,000,000 in stock? Oh really? Well I guess the IRS, who started the investigation that lead to your pending incarceration is going to be interested in why you haven't shown these assets in your tax returns.  In reality, Michael has paid me just over $200,000 in cash and given me a couple of absolutely worthless stock certificates. He still owes me a quarter of a million dollars on my 7 year old judgment.

My favorite part of his entire blog is how Mike mentions his Federal charges on 14 counts of wire fraud and money laundering almost in passing. The truth is that he has stolen millions of dollars and the current charges are only the beginning.  More indictments are pending and I believe he will receive additional sentences while he serves his pending jail time. At the end of it all, I seriously doubt that Michael will get out of jail before he is 60. As for taking credit for the charges, the Feds came to me because of this blog.  They interviewed me and my attorney for an entire day.  You bet I take credit in nailing him.  But the credit for Michael's crimes belongs entirely to him.