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Monday, October 17, 2016

More Lies From the Lying Liars

Over the 14 years I have known Michael Osborn, I have tried to instill in him a truth that he just won't grasp. His former partner, Aniko Kaye was the same way. And of course, past and present partner, Virgil Williams couldn't tell the truth if he knew what "truth" meant. Now it has become obvious that his wife, Brenda Williams, is also complicit in the schemes of Virgil and the Osborns.

A good liar has to have a good memory

Michael absolutely refuses to grasp this notion. He also constantly overlooks the fact that sooner or later I find out everything. That's because the people he screws eventually Google him, find this site and then tell me their story.

The latest lies of Messers. Osborn and Williams comes through the "Genesis Gives" scam that I wrote about earlier. First, I have to point out the comical budget for "the remainder of 2016". "Our G&A for the remainder of 2016 is $1,000,000 which includes payroll, printing, legal, accounting, rent, utilities, insurance and office materials".  The Osborns and the Williams run this scheme from their homes. There is no printing, legal, accounting, rent, utilities, insurance or office materials.  There is only so-called payroll, which is funds skimmed off the top to line the pockets of the four pirates. Of course it's not an issue because nobody is stupid enough to give these crooks a dime, but suffice to say that they admit that they would stuff the first million bucks in their pockets, if they could.

So after I first exposed the Genesis Gives fraud on this blog last August, Virgil posted an August 14 response on Genesis Gives' own blog page. Herein come the lies:

(1) Virgil claimed that, "Shenae Osborn, who until Friday was a Co-Administrator of Genesis has resigned all positions in Genesis because she didn't want unrelated matters in her personal life to affect the positive work Genesis is doing for families impacted by incarceration."

Yeah, no.

In an email to one of the poor dupes who expected all this help from Genesis, Shenae writes, "I resigned fro [sic] my position as I have so many other projects going on but have appointed a great person that will continue to run Genesis Gives so your situation is my last one to finish handling."

Now which one is lying? Virgil who blames Shenae's so-called resignation one me, or Shenae who claims she resigned because she has oh so many projects?

Also note, the standard Osborn malarkey when it comes to delivering promised funds. Many times in this blog I have referred to the typical pleadings of, "the money hasn't come in" or "the bank put a hold on the deposit" among the many excuses that Michael offers.  It looks like Shenae has learned to parrot the "company line".

(2) "As I understand it, to date Michael has paid this man over a million in cash and three million in securities." Absolutely, positively pure hokum as I said in my previous post. Where in the world would Michael get this kind of money? Well yes, his dozens of scams, but I guarantee he doesn't use those funds to pay off his debts.

(3) "He is nothing more than a con-man and an ambulance chaser." WOW! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!.  Michael is on his way to the hole for the second time and may not come out for many, many years.  How many times have you been in prison, Virgil?

(4) "No, it is not true that Michael has any involvement with Genesis other than in a technology consulting role."

Oh really?  I'll let the screenshots of a conversation between Mike and one of the dupes who believed he was getting money do the talking.

Do the conversations sound like Michael has only a technology consulting role in Genesis Gives?  Of course not! His role in the scam is confirmed in the bio Michael himself published.

(5) "In case you have seen this man's website, let me address some of his most obvious errors: Corporation: New York, not Nevada"

Hey, Dumbo! It was your site that said it was a Nevada Corporation, remember?  No? Here's a reminder.

But that's OK, because the Genesis Project of America  is not incorporated in New York either!

I can't wait to find out how these con-artists try to lie their way out of these "gotchas".

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