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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mikey Shamelessly Uses His Child as a Shield Again

Also: Harold Gregg Pretends to be a Lawyer Again

There is no end to Michael's use of his children as a shield, excuse, or to serve any other purpose that benefits his criminal ways. I guess I must be getting to him because he is crying to the police, the courts and anybody else that won't listen to him. Amongst his latest preposterous accusations, and there are many, is that I am emailing and texting his teenage daughter. Note to Michael: of the two of us, I am not the one who is a shameless, despicable user of people. The truth is that his daughter from a previous "marriage", emailed me in August after Googling her father and finding this website. I won't stoop to Michael's level and post her email, but the police do have it, along with my response, which apologized to her for having to find out about her father in this way. She assured me that she had long known about her father's dishonest traits.

Oh and by the way Michael, it is not illegal to email a minor. Just ask your "lawyer" Harold Gregg.

So Michael, being the coward that he is, didn't show up in court again today because he figured he was about to be arrested again (note the foreshadowing here). He sent his infamous lackey and stooge, Harold Gregg in his stead to represent him. Harold, who likes to play lawyer, pleaded Michael's baseless stories of my so-called harassing of his daughter, family, ex-"wife " and current "wife" Shanney (who by the way owes me half a million dollars) all the while trying to turn the court's attention from the fact that Mike was not in court AGAIN. I objected to Harold even standing up because HE IS NOT A LAWYER and had no basis for representing Mike. The Commissioner of the Court eventually agreed and ordered Michael's arrest warrant again with bail set at $50,000. She wouldn't agree to have Michael charged with Criminal Contempt of Court even though I showed her that she was allowing Michael to make a mockery of her court. The good news is however, that I did get the DA to agree to charge him with contempt and look into referring Harold to the US Attorney's Office for Impersonating an Attorney. Harold claimed, on the record, to being In-House Counsel to a number of Mike's companies and insisted to the court that he was an attorney. He even brought a purported certificate from the Supreme Court of Ohio to show that he was a member of the State's Bar, however the fact that the certificate was not authenticated, said that he was inactive, has not been a licensed attorney in any State since the 70s, and even testified in his recent deposition that he was not a licensed attorney means that HAROLD GREGG IS NOT A LAWYER. Get it now Harold? Probably not.

Speaking of his deposition testimony, Harold told today's court that he never testified that he was not a licensed attorney. I guess that certified transcript I have was concocted by the court reporter.

So next for Michael is Monday's Preliminary Hearing on his 6 criminal charges including two counts of Automobile Theft in Fullerton Court . His esteemed "lawyer" Harold Gregg will not be representing him there as Michael has retained the services of the Public Defender. Expect Michael to try some stunt to get those proceedings delayed.

In the meantime, Mike's Preliminary Trial in Las Vegas for charges of Larceny has been set for November 17. He has retained Craig Mueller to represent him there. Mr. Mueller is well known in Las Vegas for providing aid and comfort (in the way of legal representation) to those who bounce checks to casinos and has had some success in that arena. The Venetian is not happy with the Clark County DA's slipshod handling of Michael's release without bail after spending 7 years as a Fugitive From Justice.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Michael Plays Musical Courtrooms

Back from this website's temporary hiatus, it's time for the update of the Michael Osborn World Courtroom tour.

We last visited our hero as he lied to another judge at his August 20, 2009 Santa Ana Court arraignment for being a Fugitive From Justice in Nevada. At that hearing he promised the judge that he would appear in Nevada within two weeks and then be back with Attorney John Nicholson representing him. Michael must have read this guy's name somewhere because this is the third or fourth time he has promised to retain Mr. Nicholson and yet we have never seen him standing beside Mike. Anyway, the Judge orders Mike to be back on September 2. On that date, Mike calls the court and says he is in Nevada turning himself in at that very moment with, now get this, "Attorney" Harold Gregg. Those of you who know Harold know that the last time he was a lawyer was for about 20 minutes in Ohio in the 70s. The Judge is pissed but cuts Mike some slack (again) and orders him back on September 9. On that date Mike actually does turn himself in to Nevada court, which is confirmed by the Court. This means that not only does he make a mockery of the Santa Ana Court but they actually have to dismiss the charges of Being a Fugitive From Justice. Once again the court allows Mike to play it like a piano.

Now it's September 9 and Mike's in Nevada to answer a Criminal Complaint filed by the Venetian. Seems that on March 22 and 23, 2000 (two days after his daughter was born in LA) Mike bounced $85,000 worth of markers to the casino. Markers are checks, and the casino gave him almost two years to make good before filing the complaint. Now being that the casinos are the lifeblood of Nevada, you would think that the DA wouldn't screw around with a big time larcenist like Mike, but those idiots release him on his own recognizance. After 7 years of waiting for him, setting bail at $100,000 and trying to get him extradited from Orange County, they let him go without bail. And they don't even tell The Venetian that they have him. You can guess how The Venetian feels about all this. Now the Clark County DA expects him to return for his preliminary hearing. Good luck!

The day after the Clark County DA's debacle, Mike is due in Fullerton for his arraignment on the two counts of automobile theft (amongst other charges). The Public Defender (what happened to Mr. Nicholson?) files a Motion to continue the arraignment because Mike is in Nevada on the other complaint. In the meantime, I file a brief with the court and let them know that Mike is not in custody, was released the day before, and there is no reason for him not to show up in Fullerton. I also provide a laundry list of Michael's past indiscretions and how he likes to play games with court dates. So the DA and the court are going to have none of this delay game and order Michael to get his ass into court. He pleads "not guilty" to all the charges against him and a Pre Trial is set for September 21 while the Preliminary Hearing is set for September 24.

Next on the court calendar is Michael's September 17th date with me for the 9th attempt at his Judgment Debtor examination. Shanney Osborn (Gallegos) is still at large with a warrant out for her arrest because she is avoiding her examination.

Coming up is the San Diego Court's order for Mike to appear because he is in violation of his probation there for (you guessed it) writing bad checks. And any minute now there will be new charges in Orange County for more bad checks.