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KNOWN ALIASES: Jerry Lambert, Michael Lamont, Tom Furlong

Sunday, April 11, 2010

So Now I Am A Disgruntled Investor...

Came back from vacation this morning to face 631 emails, 122 of which were regarding our hero and 6 of which were with respect to his newest product (read: scam), The 10x Oscillator Fund. Near as I can figure, this fund is much like the CU Swing Equity Fund where Mike is claiming that he has bank funding to the tune of 10 times the investment principle. Uh, no! What Mike does have is a day trading account at Active Trading Network, which provides him (as most day trading accounts do) with 1000% leverage. Once again, Mike is claiming that the investor's principle will be returned within 30 days (15 by some accounts) and that profits from the trading scheme will be distributed on a bi-weekly basis. To underwrite the principle, Mike is once again binding a Fidelity Bond. In the past, Mike has not kept up the payments on these bonds and the investors are left holding the bag when he either loses the money or absconds with it.

More frequently, Michael keeps coming up against this blog when having to sells his marks on his schemes. His newest explanation of his adversary (me), is that I am a disgruntled investor. Well as disgruntled as I am, my gruntlement cannot be attributed to anything like a lost investment. As I have documented well here, Michael and Harold Gregg owe me approximately $500,000 on a judgment for fraud, their share of the pie in the Victory Capital Holdings scam. I am happy to say that I never gave these con artists a dime.

What is truly amazing here, is that Mike is so good at what he does, he still has suckers who are willing to take him at his word, even with everything posted on this blog. One such emailer, wants to believe Michael so much, that he has asked me to produce further evidence of my allegations. Well kids, I am not here to do your dirty work. I run this blog for free. I point you in the proper direction and the rest is up to you. But if I can find it so can you. Still, I'll throw you a bone and provide you with the link to a similar scheme that was run by Mike a few years ago, known as Principal Mortgage Fund. Within the link to the SEC filing, you can see that a binder was written for a Fidelity Bond. Guess what? Payments were not kept up here either. Furthermore, you will note that Osborn co-conspirator Harold Gregg, was identified as General Counsel for the Principal Mortgage Fund. Ladies and gentlemen, as I have tried to beat into your heads for some time now, Harold Gregg is not an attorney and has not been since 1978. Although Mr. Gregg would have you believe otherwise, a Juris Doctorate degree alone does not make you an attorney, does not give you the right to practice law, and most certainly does not give you the authority to act as General Counsel for anything.

While you are at the SEC website, why not also look up Principal Capital Group. This was another funding source for Michael's day trading habit and high lifestyle. In one year, Michael lost $2 million of investor funds and was subsequently kicked out of his posh offices and fancy house both in Fullerton, CA and both for non-payment of rent. Still, he was left with a beautiful BMW and Range Rover, amongst other investor funded luxuries.

P.S. I was disappointed to hear that Investment Broker Anthony Hruska is still enabling Michael's schemes, including the 10X Oscillator Fund. It appears like many before him (see Attorney Sean Morrissey and Detroit Restaurateur Gregg Gedda, amongst countless others), Mr. Hruska is letting himself be mesmerized by tales of untold riches, while refusing to look at the clear view in front of him.

Invest wisely. Do your homework.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Stories From The Master Story Teller

Those of you who know Michael, know that he comes up with a lot of excuses for not keeping his commitments. "The baby is sick". "The baby is in the hospital". "My grandmother had a stroke". "The bank screwed up". "I didn't get to the bank on time". "I'm waiting for confirmation of the funds". "I couldn't get to the bank because I had to babysit". etc., etc., etc. Michael is also famous for concocting phony wire transfer documents, proof of funds documents, and (according to at least one ex-wife) phony marriage licenses.

Recently, I've had reports of Michael's two newest excuses. Apparently, March 19, 2010 was an Osborn milestone for payment to at least two of his victims. Well wasn't it convenient that he had to appear in court that day and I was able to arrange for his arrest. That was the day Mike was handcuffed in the courtroom for not appearing at his dead-beat Dad hearing in Los Angeles.

Here's the kicker. Osborn used the arrest as an excuse for his non-performance. He let everyone concerned know that he spent over 24 hours in the hole. However, rather than admit he was a dead-beat Dad, the circumstances for his arrest, according to his account, was that he was found in Contempt of Court for mouthing off to a Judge.

Another story Mike has been telling lately also regards his inability to make the payments that are due to the participants in his current Ponzi scheme. According to him, I have obtained a Writ of Execution which has been tying up his bank account as a result of "bullshit" lawsuit that should have been against a Nevada corporation, and that his lawyers are now resolving. Well I have no lawsuit outstanding against Mike. What I do have is a 5 year old, irreversible judgment against him in excess of $500,000 for (you guessed it) fraud. I would love to have a Writ of Execution tying up his bank account but he won't tell me where it is.

If Mike told me the sky was blue, I would be positive that it was red.