This website is dedicated to making the public aware of Michael Todd Osborn aka Michael Osborn Ison. In the past, Osborn has performed cons under the guise of Commissum Universes, LP; Principal Capital Group, Inc., Legacy Capital Group, Inc,,,,,, and Currently, he runs his confidence schemes under Commify Technology Corp. Here, you will enter the world of this confidence man and gain insight into his scams. Hopefully, some of Osborn's future targets will benefit from the experience of others.

Harold Gregg, Virgil Williams, Corey Engelen, Jehu Hand, Aniko Kaye, Anthony Hruska, Michael Porter, Christopher Laursen, Clinton Greyling, Thomas Parilla, Alexandre Scheer

SCAMS MICHAEL HAS PARTICIPATED IN:, Fortitude Group, Inc. (FRTD), ThePumpTracker Fund, Victory Capital Holdings Corporation, Principal Capital Group, Inc., Virtual Gaming Enterprises, Commissum Universes, LP, Las Vegas Airlines

MICHAEL'S CURRENT SCAMS : Commify Technology Corp., Genesis Gives, VW Win Century, Inc. (OTC Pink: VWIN), Star Alliance International Corp. (OTC Pink: STAL), Inbit Corp. (OTC Pink: INBT)

KNOWN ALIASES: Jerry Lambert, Michael Lamont, Tom Furlong

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Apparently my website is serving its intended purpose

Almost everyday, I receive a phone call from Michael's latest mark who, thanks to the information I provide, is saved a pile of money, headaches, lies and stories. I cannot even tell you the heartfelt thanks I receive from these people who are grateful that someone is exposing this con artist. Many are asking me what they can do for me in appreciation and while I have of course, not asked for anything until now, I have reconsidered that position. So now I ask you, if I have kept you from losing your money to a Michael Osborn scam, please make a donation to charity. How about 5% of the money you saved. Is that too much? My favorite charity is the SPCA but feel free to choose your own. And let me know. That will be my reward.

Michael is not above scamming anybody including his friends, friends of friends and honest brokers. These are just some of the people who have been calling me lately. Unfortunately, there must be other suckers out there who fall for Michael's sweettalk without doing their due diligence. I mean for God's sake! I have a website! All you have to do is Google the boy!

In the next few days, I will list a bunch of the lawsuits that names Michael as a Defendant. One or two also name Shanney. Can't wait for July 2.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Osborn Cheapens The Life of his Children

him: "George, I swear I mailed you the checks"
me: "Michael, my lawyer is sitting here with me and doesn't believe you"
him: "George, I swear on my children's lives, I mailed you the checks and you'll have them on Monday."

That was over three weeks ago, and after one foul excuse, which he claims was "his fault", he recommitted that awful pledge. Guess what. No checks. Looks like nothing is off limits in the fantasy world of Michael Osborn.

Coming up: Another round of Judgment Debtor exams with Michael and Shanney on July 2. Then on July 7, Shanney gets added to my half a million dollar judgment. After that, Lonnie Ison (Michael's mother) gets served with a subpeona for a third party examination.