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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Wizard Of Cons Is Back!
Part 5: Mike and The Crime "He Didn't Commit"

How does one go onto the internet and profess to everybody that one is a changed man, who has taken responsibility for all past actions, when one can’t even acknowledge the crimes committed?

How does one try and implicate a man whom one obviously has it in for and at that same time attempt to destroy the reputations of others who have nothing to do with that man?

How does one solve a problem like Michael Osborn?

For months now, Michael has been posting that I have had him convicted of a crime he did not commit.  Within those posts, he’s claimed that I was involved with jury tampering, but he has not offered a shred of proof to neither his readers, the court, the DA or the State Attorney general.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Wizard Of Cons Is Back!
Part 4: Mike and The Bus He Throws People Under

Mike is your best friend when he needs you or you are giving him money.  After he no longer finds you useful, watch out!

I’ll get to his financial conquests, at the destruction of others, later. For now, I want to focus on his more recent ruination of people’s lives.  In spite of Mike’s personal attacks on me, please do not count me amongst those people who have suffered at Mike’s hands.  Mike’s schemes over the years, have gained me financial benefits (and still do today) and credibility I probably would otherwise have never have received. Hundreds of grateful emails, phone calls and tear stained letters have been my reward.  Relationships with government law and regulatory authorities have blossomed because of my work on bringing Mike and Harold to justice.  Best of all, Mike is terrified of me and to what or whom it is he will have to answer for next.  It shows in his writing.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Wizard Of Cons Is Back!
Part 3: What Mike Says About Me

There were many Judgment Debtor Examinations scheduled for Mike with respect to the $405,000 judgment I have against him and Harold.  Thumbing his nose at the authority of the courts, he usually didn’t show up for these dates, which then resulted in arrest warrants being issued.  At one of the preliminary hearings on his criminal trial, Mike was arrested on one of these warrants and put in handcuffs by the bailiff right in the middle of the courtroom.  On one of those occasions that he actually did show up for an exam, I remember him saying what a bright sunny day it was.  I look at my lawyer and I said, “It must be cloudy and rainy out”.  That’s Mike in a nutshell.  If he says that he sky is blue, you can bet that it is red.

Mike is obsessed with his goal of validating himself by making me look like the bad guy.  His blog is full of claims of wrongdoing without any specifics or proof as to what it is that I or my alleged pseudo personalities are doing wrong.  He just says it over and over again in an attempt to brainwash the reader into believing that his statements are fact.  For example, not once has he told his two or three readers why my lawsuits are illegal, as he claims.  All he offers are opinions.  He may have complained to various authorities, as there are plenty of online forums to do that, but they must have brushed him aside like a pesky gnat because I have not received a single inquiry from any authority.  This in spite of the fact that Mike, through his blog, claims to have been reporting me to the SEC, the FBI, the DOJ and probably the NFL, looking for somebody, anybody to listen to his screams into the night.

The Wizard Of Cons Is Back!
Part 2: Actually Getting To Know Mike Osborn

On February 16, 2012, in a continuing attempt to humanize himself, towards the goal of going back into the con business, Mike published an article entitled, “Getting to know Michael Osborn”.  I’m going to dissect it for you bit by bit.

“To say I have made my share of mistakes would be an understatement. At the ripe age of 41, I can say that I am finally at a place in my life where I am learning to live in peace.”

Made his share of mistakes?  Millions of dollars in bum checks, embezzlement of millions more, destroying the lives of retirees, stealing not one but two cars, lying under oath, taking advantage of relationship, being a dead-best Dad, etc., etc. are “mistakes”?   Mistakes are the results of poor judgment.  Your actions were not derived from poor judgment but from pre-mediated, deliberate and executed criminal activity.  Man up to it Mike and just call it what it is.

The Wizard Of Cons Is Back!
Part 1: Mike’s Motivation

Hopefully, this several part series is the last time I post on this blog, although I may add to some parts of it as things occur to me.  There really is no sense to it anymore because everybody should be quite clear on who Michael is and what he does.  Harping on it does not make him any more of a criminal than he already is, was and always will be.  I have admittedly and proudly made Mike’s life a living hell by exposing his schemes over the years, that he designed, and successfully executed, to embezzle millions of dollars.  This blog has reportedly saved many more from being added to Mike’s victims list and will hopefully continue to protect many more.

It was my intent to avoid engaging him and his blog which freely admits that it is designed to be an attack on me.  Until now, I had always thought it was his way of “getting even” with me for my part in putting him in prison, where he served 13 months out of a 32 month sentence, for automobile theft, bank fraud and intent to defraud.   Except for illegally posting wrongfully obtained and doctored emails, credit reports, and other private information, I wasn’t particularly worried about his blog for two reasons: 1) because very few read it and 2) it is obvious to anyone capable of thinking on his/her own that it is the work of a paranoid, sociopathic crook.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Get Emails: Here's My Favorite

I have received literally hundreds of emails over the years since I first published this blog, each with fascinating tales of Mike's progression as a con man.  Below is one of my favorites.  Click here, for a larger selection of a few of the classics.

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Murphy []
Sent: Monday, January 11, 2010 11:56 AM
Subject: Mike

I went to High School with Mike and was in a band with him in the late 80s and early 90s. He was one of my best friends but his behavior even back then got him into trouble with me and several others. Although he never actually stole anything of substance from me, he did one time steal a book of checks from a closed account of mine and write his first/last and deposit on it. I had to answer for that but I was easily off the hook.

Last year I went to his step dad's memorial. I say step dad but Paul Ison raised him. Mike didn't have the decency to show up there either but I suspect it is becasue he ripped off more than one of his dad's friends. Knowing they would be there, he could not possibly show hisface. One of those people told me his story that day and let me tell you, the amount owed was substantial.

The reason I found your blog is because I saw Mike's ex and daughter last night (we are still friends) and they told me about your efforts. Good luck to you. Mike needs to pay a price for what he has done to people and it looks like judgement may be near.

P.S. I do not mind if you use any of this information on your blog or elsewhere not that any of it is of legal consequence but it is certainly more crap about MIke.