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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Wizard Of Cons Is Back!
Part 1: Mike’s Motivation

Hopefully, this several part series is the last time I post on this blog, although I may add to some parts of it as things occur to me.  There really is no sense to it anymore because everybody should be quite clear on who Michael is and what he does.  Harping on it does not make him any more of a criminal than he already is, was and always will be.  I have admittedly and proudly made Mike’s life a living hell by exposing his schemes over the years, that he designed, and successfully executed, to embezzle millions of dollars.  This blog has reportedly saved many more from being added to Mike’s victims list and will hopefully continue to protect many more.

It was my intent to avoid engaging him and his blog which freely admits that it is designed to be an attack on me.  Until now, I had always thought it was his way of “getting even” with me for my part in putting him in prison, where he served 13 months out of a 32 month sentence, for automobile theft, bank fraud and intent to defraud.   Except for illegally posting wrongfully obtained and doctored emails, credit reports, and other private information, I wasn’t particularly worried about his blog for two reasons: 1) because very few read it and 2) it is obvious to anyone capable of thinking on his/her own that it is the work of a paranoid, sociopathic crook.

On Saturday morning, at about 5:30am, I heard my computer make that dinging sound that indicates that Outlook has received a new email.  I really don’t want to post the email out of respect of the privacy of the person who wrote it, but from its content, and the questions the writer asked about Mike and his partner-in-crime Harold Gregg, it was obvious to me that Mike was working on his next con.  This is not exactly a shock, because over the years, I have received dozens of such emails, written by prospective “clients” of Mike and Harold, over the course of their discussions and/or negotiations with them.  Of course, I hadn’t received too many inquiries while Mike was incarcerated, but a few have recently started to show up in my inbox again.  Saturday’s early morning email was not much different than the rest, essentially thanking me for the heads up and how they “almost made a huge mistake.”  Again, I’ve seen dozens of such emails over the years, so I answered it, without thinking much of it and went back to bed, hoping to catch a few more winks.

Then it hit me.

Have you ever seen a movie where the guy (or girl) is lying in bed sleeping and then suddenly his/her eyes open wide when he/she hears something or reaches an epiphany?  I swear that’s what happened to me.  As I was beginning to doze off, something clicked and I opened my eyes wide and then sat up in bed as it came to me:

Mike’s blog is not about getting even with me.  It’s designed to be a set up for his next con.

His “Getting to Know Michael Osborn” post is precisely the means to this end.  I should have realized this a couple of days ago.

Now, I’m compelled to post this article, in several parts, just to make sure that everybody understands that this leopard has not changed its spots.

By making me out to be a bad person, Mike’s hope is neutralize this blog and make himself look like the lessor of two evils.  He tried this gambit with the judge at his sentencing hearing, when in tears he claimed that he took responsibility for all of his actions, but he couldn’t believe that what I was doing to him was legal.  His wife Shanney, essentially said the same thing.  I guess it I must have forced Mike to write two bad checks to steal those cars from Car Max, in addition to the thousands (not hundreds) of other bad checks Mike has written over the years, in amounts totaling millions of dollars.  Needless to say, the Judge wasn’t buying it and I suspect that the sentence that he imposed on Mike, may have even been harsher because of this left handed Mea Culpa.

It is unquestionable that this blog has been a thorn in Mike’s side.  It has limited, but not eliminated, his abilities to find new dupes for his schemes of embezzlement, using various shell games, pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes and just plain thievery.  This blog is also the reason that Car Max realized that it had been taken for a ride when Mike paid for a BMW and a Mercedes with bad checks which ultimately led to his conviction for automobile theft.

Over the years, Mike has convinced me on more than one occasion to take down this blog while he attempts to “do good” and make restitution to those he damaged, including me.  He’d give me bits and pieces of the $405,000 judgment that was awarded to me by the courts, as a sign that he was on his way to the right side of the tracks.  Then while this blog was down, I would find out that he’d successfully execute another con and make off with somebody else’s money.

This blog is not the only blog I publish which exposes the bad deeds of others.  The publications are an effective tool towards not only limiting the perpetrators ability to conduct additional schemes, but to get them to do what’s right by making restitution.  To date, I have published blogs targeting public companies, attorneys and even the charitable foundation of a hospital.  Once the subject of a blog has done right by its victim (which is not always me), I usually take down the blog.  I believe in second chances.  William W., a former associate of Mike and Harold, owes me in excess of $45,000 in court judgments and has not paid me a penny towards those judgments.  But it appears that Bill is attempting to straighten out his life, and for the first time in his adult life, has a real job, rather than participating in schemes.  For that reason, I have given him the benefit of the doubt (for the one and only time, I might add), and taken down the blog that targets him, in hopes that he is truly going to be a man, a contributing member of society, and a good father.  I have taken him at his word when he says that meeting Michael Osborn was the worst day of his life and that he is going to be making payments towards my judgments.  I also believe that Bill recognizes how close he came to joining Mike in a prison cell, as he was driving one of the stolen automobiles at the time police caught up with Mike.

Since there is no chance that this blog will ever get taken down again, Mike needs to be able to counter it.  His blog is his attempt at doing that.  It is chock full of insincere Mea Culpas, crocodile tears, accusations and deflections based on inferences, innuendo, circumstantial evidence and manufactured documents.  Nary a shred of verifiable evidence, is provided to support any of the claims he makes.

I expect Mike will doctor his previous posts and publish new ones in an attempt continue to use innuendo and inference to defend my facts.  As I said, I will not be sucked into a game of back and forth with Mike, so I will say my piece and be done with it.  If you choose to fall for Mike’s cons, that’s your problem.

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