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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Wizard Of Cons Is Back!
Part 2: Actually Getting To Know Mike Osborn

On February 16, 2012, in a continuing attempt to humanize himself, towards the goal of going back into the con business, Mike published an article entitled, “Getting to know Michael Osborn”.  I’m going to dissect it for you bit by bit.

“To say I have made my share of mistakes would be an understatement. At the ripe age of 41, I can say that I am finally at a place in my life where I am learning to live in peace.”

Made his share of mistakes?  Millions of dollars in bum checks, embezzlement of millions more, destroying the lives of retirees, stealing not one but two cars, lying under oath, taking advantage of relationship, being a dead-best Dad, etc., etc. are “mistakes”?   Mistakes are the results of poor judgment.  Your actions were not derived from poor judgment but from pre-mediated, deliberate and executed criminal activity.  Man up to it Mike and just call it what it is.

“I am the son of a teenage mother.  She was married to my father, who was 21 at the time, but when the reality of having a child hit him, he left us.  I was only three years old. I was blessed to have a brilliant and inspirational grandmother that to the best of her ability, made sure my mothers lack of life's lessons, would affect me as minimally as possible.”

Notice how he’s attempting to justify his criminal actions and subtly blame his mother.  Does this sound like the words of a repentant crook or the words of a man looking to gain the trust of a gullible society?  As for his grandmother, may she rest in peace, at Mike’s sentencing hearing, his wife Shanney blamed her for Mike’s propensity to commit crimes, claiming that grandma taught him to ,”Fake it until you make it”.

“Although today I am a devoted husband and loving father, I commiserate in the guilt of being a failed father to my other three children. It hurts to live with such regret.”  

In the meantime, according to his ex, Mike hasn’t even attempted to contact his two, young and  gorgeous middle children since he got out of prison last July.

“… I think that is because of the enormous insecurity I felt as a young child.  This same insecurity followed me throughout most of my adult life.  The insecurity manifested itself by making me an overachiever and as my grandmother always said, “You will be a master of anything you’re motivated to do.” … Yet the insecurity I was cursed with was acting as a saboteur and became a support mechanism validating my failures.”

Stories and excuses, something Mike is excellent at providing.  Again, a left-handed mea culpa. Truly repentant sinners take full and unconditional blame for their actions.

“…To protect my emotionally scarred self, I quit the band and used my family and the church as my scapegoat. It wasn’t until my early forties that I returned to the church and began healing this emotional scar.”

Con men often use the church as a basis for validation of their staged awakening.  They also often look to the church for their next victims.  Here’s a great article from the Delaware Attorney General’s office.

“In the late 1990’s, I began working with a retired attorney by the name of Harold Gregg.  Mr. Gregg had a background in buying and selling assisted living and nursing home facilities throughout the US. Trying to be on the cutting edge of technology, Harold had requested that I assist him in automating his medical payment reimbursements system from Medicaid and Medical. It was here that I began to form a bond with Harold.  I viewed him as a father figure, which ultimately helped me heal some of my deep rooted father issues.”

Mike claims that he looked upon Harold Gregg as a “father figure”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Mike is the dominant in that relationship and Harold couldn’t pull off any job without “the brains of the operation”, a role most recently filled by Beverly Hills con man, Theodore (Ted) Saltzman.  Currently, Harold and Ted are under grand jury indictment for wire fraud in connection with a High-Yield Investment Program scheme.

Michael often reprimanded Harold in public for “being stupid” and Harold was constantly at Mike’s beck and call, even interrupting late evening dates to make vodka runs for Mike.  In my opinion, Harold could screw up a cup of coffee.  I can hear Mike laughing in agreement at that comment, from here.

Mike continues to try and sell the lie of Harold as an attorney.  Harold has been on the Ohio Bar’s inactive list since at least the 1980s and there is no evidence of him having actually practiced law with a license, ever.  Harold has never been licensed to practice law in California or any other State.  Of course, that didn’t stop him from practicing law without a license, as he was named General Counsel in several of Mike’s schemes. Harold even represented Michael in court on at least one occasion.  Harold was/is plain and simply Michael’s sidekick and lackey.

“In the early 2000’s I founded and sat as Chairman of the Advisory Board of Victory Capital Holdings Corporation. Victory was a company designed to leverage the assets of existing, proven technology and to infuse those assets with marketing, management and financial support.”

No, that company was designed to be a penny stock fraud and Michael stole every penny he raised.  Eventually, he sold the shell on order to pay off a group of Hells Angels to whom he was $80,000 in debt.

“In 2004, at the request of one of our partners, we hired George A. Sharp to act as a consultant to assist us in building out our infrastructure network. We had to hire George as a consultant because according to him, he was not a US citizen.  Mr. Sharp was paid both cash and free trading stock in order to assist us.  Within 90 days, it became evident that Mr. Sharp had little to no professional skills and clearly was not what he had represented to us.  Shortly thereafter, we terminated him for cause, as was within our contractual rights pursuant to our agreement.  I don’t think we will ever know the true reason that this partner brought George A. Sharp to our table, but because he did, my life would forever change.”

What a pack of lies.  First of all, according to Victory Capital’s own press release, issued by Harold Gregg, I was hired to be the CEO, not a consultant to build out the infrastructure network.  That right there should enough for me to ending this posting because I have proved that Michael has never stopped being a liar.  But there’s so much more.

I was classified as a consultant not because I was not a U.S. Citizen at the time. I was a legal resident with a Green Card.  I was a consultant so that Mike didn’t have to worry about benefits, taxes, etc.  The only time, I received cash was after my lawyer got involved, and then once I started collecting on my judgment.  Mike gave me a few shares of stock on one occasion in an attempt to silence me after I complained that I had not been paid for two months.

I was not terminated from Victory because I had no professional skills.  I was terminated because I had complained about having no access to corporate minute books, accounting or paychecks.  That was the opus for the beginning of my investigation into Mike and Harold and that’s where all this began.  On one evening, Mike had me drive down to his house for a Board of Directors meeting and he spent the night stoned to the gills showing me pictures of his staged wedding to his then “wife”.  That’s when I started to realize that I had been had.

The reason Mike’s “partner”, namely Chris Benz, whom I thought was a friend, brought me to the table, is that they were looking for an unknown face to be the CEO of their little scam.  I was always intended by them to be nothing more than a figurehead.  Mike’s plan was to turn me into another Harold Gregg, something he soon found was I not going to allow to happen.  Chris introduced me to Michael because I had a strong background in telecommunications and looked good on SEC filings.
However, if Mike wants to set the bar for “professional skills” to his level of lying, thieving, conniving and confidence games, then he is correct, I have no professional skills. 

“Typical of George Sharp, he and his attorney threatened us with litigation unless we paid him $10,000.00.  Although we complied with their request and paid the $10,000.00…”

True, I hired an attorney to go get my money.  Nobody can get away with stealing even two dollars from me.  But, as anybody who has ever dealt with Mike can tell you, he never paid me any money until I forced his hand.  Mike has always tried to convince people that he’s met his obligations.  Most recently, he and his new-old partner, Attorney Jehu Hand, went into court trying to convince the Judge that my judgment, on which Mike still owes me almost half a million dollars, was satisfied.  The Judge didn’t even come close to buying their story.

“As leverage, less than a month later, Jon Fullenkamp (who at the time was CEO of Victory Capital) and Mike Irolano (who was a stock promoter consulting for the company)  offered us cash, stock and indemnification if we resigned from the company. They offered to include us in any and all discussions related to the Sharp matters, yet as you can imagine, they failed to do so.  All parties understood that under Nevada Corporate law, corporations registered in Nevada must indemnify their officers and directors.”

Not true.  Mike sold the shell to Fullenkamp, who is a penny stock fraud artist of the highest order, without telling him that the lawsuit had just been filed.  Fullenkamp got railroaded into the litigation by Mike. But no one should feel sorry for Fullenkamp because he himself stole millions from the coffers and he performed enough of his own stupid stunts that his own Board of Directors sued him.

“As we later learned , behind closed doors they negotiated a deal with George to settle and remove themselves from the lawsuit while leaving us holding the bag.”

Is Mike kidding?  It took me years of litigation and enduring Fullenkamp’s abusive and lying press releases to even get to a settlement agreement with Victory and then years more to collect.  The reason that Mike and Harold were not part of the proceedings is that they took the old, “ignore it and hope it goes away” tactic.  Mike and Harold got served with a copy of that settlement agreement as well as the motion to approve the settlement.  This happened months before the trial in which they were found liable for fraud. When they failed to appear at that trial (yes, there was a trial), it went on without them.  Mike and Harold were kept in the loop at all times.  They just chose to ignore it.

“George has used the Internet as a tool to apply pressure on me to collect on what we feel was an illegally obtained judgment.  Unfortunately, during this period of my life, I drank so much that I began to lose touch with reality. It became easier to live in the illusion rather than focus on the matters right in front of me.  George was able to play off my sickness which fed into his narcosis. By my own doing, I allowed George to attack my family and myself and because of my insecurity, I did not defend us in a manner befitting a husband, father and friend. I allowed my ego to write checks that my body could not cash for the quick fix, instead of dealing with the issue head-on and George was able to capitalize on my illness.”

No, George has used the internet as a tool to try and keep others from getting hurt by Mike’s confidence games.  Sometimes, I have been successful and at other times, people do not do their due diligence which is so easy now, thanks to the internet.  Just ask Greg Gedda about the importance of doing due diligence.  I played off Mike’s sickness?  Did I make him steal two cars, write millions of dollars in bad checks, not just to me but dozens of others as well.? Did I make Mike steal funds from Greg Gedda, Carol Perez and dozens of others?  Is all this because of Mike’s illness or because of his determination to be a lying crook, which he still carries on today?

Isn’t it interesting that when it is convenient for Mike, he uses his drinking to explain away his conduct and neglect and yet surprisingly has a perfect memory regarding my alleged misdeeds?

“George has made it a point to put on the internet my use of the last name Ison.  I would like to address this point once and for all.  As I stated in the beginning, my mother was a teenager when she had me (15 years old). She had no business being a parent at that age but got pregnant to spite her mother.  My mother re-married when I was eight to a man by the name of Paul Ison.  My step dad raised me as his own child. When I was a teenager we were going to Japan for the church so my parents applied for my Passport.  They were informed that they could do a “poor man’s” formal adoption by getting a library card in the name of Ison and using that as my ID for my passport. Many years later, when I went to apply for a marriage license in my early 20’s, I found out that, to my surprise, Ison was in fact NOT my true and legal name. My legal name was Michael Osborn. The matter of my name was legally rectified in 2009 but did not formally become resolved until 2011.”
Is this why you, Mike, have liberally used both names throughout the years, going back and forth between Osborn and Ison, in order to hide your more recent nefarious deeds?  Is this why you stole two automobiles from Car Max, by deliberately writing two bad checks under the name Ison?  Is this why you were tried and convicted and incarcerated under the name Ison?  Or did you finally and officially change your last name in order to attempt to escape the stigma applied to your conviction under the name Ison?

“I was falsely accused in Orange County on several charges which ultimately led to multiple felony convictions. We later learned that George Sharp was communicating with jurors during the deliberation process as well as formed an unethical relationship with my criminal attorney prior to my trial. I served one year in state prison and was released early for good behavior and being a model prisoner. During this period of my life, I learned “why lie when the truth fits so much better”.

This paragraph deserves its own discussion, which I will soon provide.  It is the strongest indication yet, of Mike’s insincerity and determination to blame others for his criminal behavior.  This is typical of a con man.

“Upon my release, I was asked to help a small charity in formation to implement their new and exciting business strategy. I became an investigator for and started working on helping the cause with my very loud voice. My first investigative subject would be none other than George A. Sharp.”

When he was asked to help the small charity, Mike looked in the mirror and asked himself.  He is Abuse of Law and is its one and only contributor, publisher and manager.  Abuse of Law’s sole purpose is to defame me in order to make Mike seem more legitimate and enable him to conduct his cons.  Perhaps Mike would feel better about himself, if he went to work at McDonald’s and started to make restitution to all of his victims, including his children.

“We have been successful in linking George Sharp to his real name, which is George Helischauer.”

My legal name is George Sharp and has been since 1997 when I changed it in a court of law.  I owe Mike no proof, but the IRS, DMV and SSA have always known it and my numbers with those government agencies have never changed.  One of the first questions during the course of a deposition is whether the deponent has ever been known by any other names.  I have had my deposition taken several times and I have always stated that my name used to be Helischauer.  But he can call me Helischauer now if it makes him feel better. In fact, I insist on it.

“We linked him without a doubt to and recently, we have caught him using a false identity by impersonating Leslie Howard as the would-be founder of as a self-proclaimed stock genius. We have also identified over 250 aliases used by George on multiple message boards.  We have also identified nine public aliases that he has used for various things such as bank accounts, brokerage accounts, insurance policies and rental agreements.”

Lot of lies, but where’s the evidence?  Say it often enough and he will begin to believe it.

“To date we have paid George over $700,000.00 in cash and stock on his illegally obtained judgment.  The recent discovery of the Victory Capital note will most certainly help our cause, and we will not stop fighting until justice is served and George is shown the same courtesy he showed me.”

I’m not sure of the accuracy of the $700,000 figure as I write this.  Even so, it wasn’t Mike who paid it but his victims, like Greg Gedda.  But again, where’s the proof about the judgment being “illegally obtained”?  Mike and Jehu just tried that stunt and were thwarted by the court in their motion to seek to have the judgment deemed satisfied.  As for the Victory Capital note, if it exists, it is most likely a forgery and or backdated.  I doubt, given Mike and Harold’s legacy of fraud, that they will be able to get anything out of it.

“In 2011, the team at started working with other George Sharp victims. These efforts have helped define a clear roadmap to have him and his alter ego's all brought to justice.  We will do everything to have him convicted not only in a court of law but the court of public opinion.”

In 2011, the team (read: Mike) threw several people under the bus, as I will discuss in depth later, and as a result has resulted in: 4 more lawsuits for me to file; the awarding of almost $50K in additional attorney’s fees to me; hastened the recent settlement of another lawsuit, in my favor; counseled one individual to file false declarations;  the reprimanding of a defendant in one of my cases in open court; and, exposed their attorney to mal-practice and malicious prosecution lawsuits.  Way to go Mike!

“I owe my growth, health, success and sobriety to the love and support of my wife and two sons.”

It’s a shame you can’t say the same about your other two daughters and your other son.  Maybe if you started providing financial support. Just sayin’.  As for the support of your wife, Shanney, I’ll get to talking about the support she provides later.

“I have changed dramatically for the better…”

No, Abuse of Law speaks quite to the contrary.

“His [George Sharp] illegal tactics put me in prison for a crime I did not commit”

No, my legal cooperation with the authorities put you in prison for two counts of automobile theft, two counts of check fraud and two counts of intent to defraud, crimes you most definitely did commit.  Notice how Mike never defines what my illegal tactics were or why he is not guilty.

“So perhaps this is my time to thank George Sharp for showing me that I am a lucky man to have such a strong support system. Thank you for showing me that I am much stronger than I ever believed…”

You’re welcome.  I just wish it was true.  I wish something, anything you said, were true.  It’s not.  It’s all a con.

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