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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Keeping Up With the Osborns: A New Scam and Pending Charges for An Old Scam

Mike and Shenae Osborn, together with their faithful dog Virgil Williams (no insult to dogs intended), are back at it with a brand new scheme: the recently launched Genesis Gives. That website purports to solicit donations from the public for distribution to families "who have been affected by incarceration".

Genesis Gives is a scam and anybody who puts any faith into this fraud is begging for disappointment. Any donations received will be pocketed by the Osborns and Virgil. None of them give a damn about any incarcerated family except their own. Michael is scheduled to be sentenced for the Commissum Universes scheme he concocted with fellow felon, Corey Engelen, on December 1, 2016. Genesis Gives can only be about giving Shenae some security over the 6 - 10 years Michael will serve as a guest of the federal penitentiary system. That is if PayPal doesn't cut the scheme off in short order.  Today, I spoke at length with a security expert at the payments company.

Notice that within the "About Us" page shown above, Osborn claims that "Genesis Project of America (GPA) is a Nevada Corporation that has made its application to be recognized as a 501(c)3 nonprofit entity.  Well guess what. A simple search of Nevada Corporations proves that there is no such thing as the "Genesis Project of America" or for that matter "Genesis Gives". OMG! Michael lied! What a shock!  This also means, of course, that no non-profit application has been submitted.

Foolishly, the scam is doubly exposed by Genesis' use of the same mailing address and phone number as the recently demised scam.

Speaking of, I wouldn't be too sure about the strength of any plea deal Michael made with the prosecution in exchange for snitching on Corey Engelen. For those of you who don't know, was a scheme in which Michael and Shenae together with Virgil and a cast of others purported to buy public company Aged Debt with other people's money, i.e. investors; convert the debt to stock; and, then sell off the stock. Resulting funds were to be distributed to investors. The problem is that almost all of the investors' money and any gains realized were used to line the pockets of the Osborns and Virgil. Well today, I received confirmation from a Michigan office of the FBI that a case was presented to the US Attorney for subsequent presentation to a Grand Jury. It seems that Michael, Shenae, Virgil and other cohorts are about to be indicted for that scheme. That will very likely nullify the considerations given to Michael for snitching on Corey. In the meantime, the court is accepting comments from victims any of Michael's schemes in advance of the December 1st sentencing hearing. Contact me for details.

Now Michael continually claims that Shenae has nothing to do with his schemes, but her name and signature appear all over the place, exposing her complicity.  For example, former employees at Principal Capital Group will tell you that she ran the office like an SS officer.  Also, her name and signature appear all over documents. Shortly after that scam was shut down, she briefly posted a blog post about herself on her website, packed full of lies, and in which she tried to redeem herself and make Michael into some sort of victim of circumstances. Shenae still denies that Michael did anything wrong to warrant his 13 month incarceration. She says that he was charged because he forgot to tell CarMax that his address changed.  In reality, he was charged with grand theft for writing over $50,000 in bad checks to CarMax while procuring two luxury automobiles in the space of a few days.  Anyway, fifteen minutes after I told Michael that I turned the article was over to the prosecutor in the Commissum Universes case, it disappeared from view.

One page from the Genesis Gives website that I found but is not linked to the home page, is the one that talks about the "Team". There you'll find Shenae's dubious, bullshit resume, complete with her experiences at ReViv media, a short-lived stock scam of Michael's that never really got off the ground. Shenae's duties as CEO at ReViv consisted of bringing Michael coffee. As for Little Yoga Bubbles, I am still getting phone calls from employees and providers, including the City of New York, who were stiffed by Shenae. Oh and did I mention that I also get calls from hotels and Air BnB listers who were stiffed by the Osborns?

Then there's Virgil, a long-time stock fraud artist and convicted felon, who more recently had his hands in the Fortitude Group and schemes. This guy is pure scum.

Conspicuously missing from "The Team" is Michael himself, but you have to figure that is for obvious reasons.  Nonetheless, I did find a thread he started at, but quickly deleted. Here it is in perpetuity.

I particularly enjoy his tone which makes it seem like Michael and Shenae are wonderful benefactors who pulled themselves out of the gutter after Michael's incarceration.  There is no mention of Michael's pending trip back to the pokey for an extended stay or the conditions that Shenae described in her short-lived article of earlier this year. One thing for sure, if they did pull themselves out of the pits Shenae described earlier, the Osborns royally ripped someone off to do it.

I wouldn't expect Genesis Gives to be giving very long.


WATCHING said...

I've got am idea Shenae....GET A REAL JOB!!!!!!

Unknown said...

nice write up, like your style ☺ took that site down in record time. they stated they had already raised 3 million if you review their budgets...yea right..compulsive liars.

Marty said...

And then there is so much more. When I started conversing with Michael, I told him I was a alcoholic and how I had messed up my life and finances. He reeled me in by say he was also a alcoholic and he understood. I'm 7 years sober now. My dad had died and I had 30,000 to invest. I told him I had to turn this into my retirement fund, because i had screwed up, witch is true.

Before he went to jail, I lied to him in a e-mail and told him that I had relapsed. That I had lost everything again. Playing the victim. All he said was that is wasn't worth taking a drink over. Virgil said he was a alcoholic also.
I am fucked, buy not worth drinking over it is true. Thanks for the above info.
I have files to back up everything I just told you.
Marty 305-395-0391

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