This website is dedicated to making the public aware of Michael Todd Osborn aka Michael Osborn Ison. In the past, Osborn has performed cons under the guise of Commissum Universes, LP; Principal Capital Group, Inc., Legacy Capital Group, Inc,,,,,, and Currently, he runs his confidence schemes under Commify Technology Corp. Here, you will enter the world of this confidence man and gain insight into his scams. Hopefully, some of Osborn's future targets will benefit from the experience of others.

Harold Gregg, Virgil Williams, Corey Engelen, Jehu Hand, Aniko Kaye, Anthony Hruska, Michael Porter, Christopher Laursen, Clinton Greyling, Thomas Parilla, Alexandre Scheer

SCAMS MICHAEL HAS PARTICIPATED IN:, Fortitude Group, Inc. (FRTD), ThePumpTracker Fund, Victory Capital Holdings Corporation, Principal Capital Group, Inc., Virtual Gaming Enterprises, Commissum Universes, LP, Las Vegas Airlines

MICHAEL'S CURRENT SCAMS : Commify Technology Corp., Genesis Gives, VW Win Century, Inc. (OTC Pink: VWIN), Star Alliance International Corp. (OTC Pink: STAL), Inbit Corp. (OTC Pink: INBT)

KNOWN ALIASES: Jerry Lambert, Michael Lamont, Tom Furlong

Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcome to My Blog

Here I will be providing background, stories, evidence, insight and commentary of Michael Osborn, his activities and his cohorts. It should be kept in mind that a con man requires a whole network of partners, shills, and others who provide aid and comfort in order to keep a man like this out of jail.

I am dedicated to having Michael incarcerated and anybody standing in my way will be treated as an accomplice and therefore the enemy. Michael has ruined the lives of countless numbers of people and is still affecting the future of people who are too star-struck by his intelligence and sales pitch to realize that they are being had.

My history with Michael goes back to 2002 when I was approached to be the CEO of one of his schemes. I quickly came to realize that I was only retained to be a nother dupe in a scam operation and upon investigating his background, sued him for Fraud, amongst other causes of action. I was awarded a Judgment against him and Harold Gregg in the amount of $405,000, with which interest has accrued to a debt of almost half a million dollars. As anybody who has had an dealings with me will attest to, it is impossible to take advantage of me and if you do not do right by me, I will make your life a living hell. I believe that Michael Osborn is now prepared to agree with me on that.

You are welcome to comment on my posts and discuss your own dealings with Michael. I would prefer that you do not comment anonymously as your comment will carry less weight.

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Anonymous said...

George, I just want to thank you for this wonderful effort. This crook has been running around for too many years and I can only hope that through your efforts, he will be locked up forever. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I'm a shareholder of WifiMed Holdings (ticker symbol "WIFM") - where someone made a post that linked to your website...that linked to this blog.

Have you obtained any evidence of any fraud connected to WIFM?

George Sharp said...

I have no evidence of fraud in any dealings with WiFiMed.

Anonymous said...

michael osborn and harold gregg took me for the ride of my life!
i was an employee at one of their many fraudulent companies. i worked hard and expected to be paid...this is how things work, right?
they live in a world that is much different than any normal person. these men are sociopaths.
they live in a fantasy world, a world far beyond their means...making empty promises, writing bad checks and always waiting on that "infamous wire."

whats classic is when harold preaches about the importance of valuing his health & body thru proper diet. he even attends workshops and seminars and for what? is this another wacked out idea that he can somehow be a "pure" individual even though he lives a corrupt life?

i just dont get what has to happen before these 2 worthless individuals go down. maybe i wont ever see a dime that they stole from me but seeing michael behind bars...hopefully being someone's bitch will be enough to make me smile.

Anonymous said...

A funny thing happened to a friend of mine last Friday...
A computer recycling company we deal with called and said "Someone" was trying to sell a bunch of top of the line computers...
My Friend went to the address, 110 E. Wilshire St, Fullerton CA. and talked to a very nice young man, and bought about $70,000.00 in Computers, Keyboards, Monitors, Wireless Everything, Several Big Screen TV's With Wall mounts (Not the mounts that we have- These are the ones that self adjust with a remote) Sound Cards, Video Cards, Cameras, Servers, Racks, and more, all BLACK, Everything matched...
$2,000.00 CASH...
This Nice Young Man also asked if we wanted to SUB LEASE His Office, Beautifull Offices, with ALL THE FURNITURE for what he was paying Per Month and the furniture for $10,000.00...(Talked him down to $7,000.00

My friend contacted me, I went and meet this Nice Young Man, Here is waht I saw:
$200 Dollar NIKE Running Pants
$300.00 NIKE Running Jackett
$60,000.00 Rolex
Blood shot Eyes
His Business Card said "Chairman Of The Board"
His Business Card said "PRINCIPAL CAPITOL GROUP"

Guess Who I figured out this :Nice Young Man" was /..............

Anonymous said...

I am a former employee of PCG and I wondered if you can give me the contact info of the person who bought all the computers and stuff. Some of it was the personal property of the employees and I would like the chance to maybe pay him for the computers that were mine.

Please post. and lets pray this criminal gets caught.

-former trader at pcg

Anonymous said...

In 1998 Mike was the CEO OF LASV. Oh yeah he got away with $1.8 million of my money ruined my life.

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