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Friday, February 19, 2010

Arrested During Trial!

Michael was in court on Thursday to hear that the Judge, who had heard his preliminary trial two weeks earlier, found that there was enough evidence to bind him over for a jury trial on 8 of the ten charges filed against him for various counts of car theft and check fraud. This came as no surprise to anyone, least of all Michael's flamboyant attorney, Evan Ginsburg.

As soon as the judge was finished ordering him back for an arraignment on February 24, the attending bailiff, who is also a deputy sheriff, ordered Michael to stand up and slapped the bracelets on him. Michael was arrested on the warrant that was issued against him for failing to appear at the judgment debtor examination I was conducting in an attempt to collect the half a million dollars that he, his wife Shanney Gallegos Osborn, and Harold Gregg owe me. At last word, the Sheriff's office was preparing to pick up Shanney at her mother's La Habra home on a warrant issued for her own failure to appear.

Michael spent almost three hours in a holding cell while waiting for an available judge to deal with this development which, to say the least, came as a complete shock to Mike. Unlucky for him, Commissioner Leverson ended up attending to the charge. Leverson, who was already familiar with Michael's tendency to not show up for court, reprimanded Michael for "having no respect for judicial authority". He ordered Michael held on $50,000 bail and ordered him to appear in Commissioner Myers courtroom the next morning to answer for his multiple failures to appear in her courtroom for the judgment debtor exam.

After spending the night as a guest of the county, Michael bailed out at 6:00am and headed to Commissioner Myers courtroom where he was ordered back to complete my examination of him on April 15.

A note to Shanney and Harold: Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.


Anonymous said...

Its About time Mike and Harold owe me $1.8 million actually with interest it would be more like $3.5 million

Anonymous said...

Well I only just found this site. I two are owed $2M and have not heard of this bloke since 1999. He just disappeared taking the funds from our account and the bank does nothing. I have more than enough info on him so post where you want info sent or done. It may be 10 years old but Fraud has no statue of Limitations here in the US. I am aware of some overseas based persons who had similar amounts owing.

Anonymous said...

When is he due in court for anything else. I also have some bad checks I can present signed by him for some very large amounts !

Anonymous said...

I knew I was not the only one owed. If you are reading this and were involved with Mike between 1997 to 1999 please post details perhaps if we all get together we can find some satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

i was involved with him back in nov of 2009 with his partner corey where i have sent 25k to them. it may not be much but the principle of it is. my bills and credit is all ruined cause of him and his partner. jail is just too good for these scammers. and all he does is gives me empty promises and junk.I just had about enough of his lies and empty promises to me.

Anonymous said...

I just literally came across this site and was not surprised to see how many people have been stung badly by this thief. I’ve dealt with Mike and Shanney in the past - complete frauds. It amazed me on how easily these deceitful people can lie so effortlessly and have absolute no regard for anyone…one plays good cop while the other makes his blatant and complete intentional scumbag moves ….yes, I got sucked into to their scams and I am so embarrassed to have gone forward with them. These criminals need to be stopped and put away!!...although after reading this site, it seems their time is near! More power to you, Mr. Sharp!

Anonymous said...

I know this might sound like a crack pot comment. But does anyone know if Mike or his family is involved with or affliated with freemasonry? I used to work for PCG and I noticed as all this stuff unfolded that he committed so much crime and never yet has had to go to jail? so I started thinking: He indicated that his mother was a district attorney of san diego. (a notorious freemason mecca). he has a all seeing eye and pyrimid tatto on his arm. And if anyone else pulled this shit they would be in jail immediately. what or who are the powers keeping this man free? just a thought hope anyone else has some for simular info.

Anonymous said...

How does he get away with it over and over again. He told me, and I did not check, that he was an SEC licensed trader. I introduced him to people and he told them he had a fleet of jets and owned a Swiss Trust? So far, I know of him taking over $100K and not paying back or giving the return that he claims it made. And they listen to his promises that the check is in the mail or the wire has been sent, over and over and over. He is a liar and a thief and I wish someone would have the nerve to nail him and then then rest of us chickens could step forward. I just don't understand how he does it. Well, us being stupid probably helps.

Anonymous said...

He owes at least one jet company a charter fee to Italy he never paid. $100k
He owes me over $200k and I even loaned him money to buy food for the babies that I never got back.

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