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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Introducing Commissum Universes, LP

Well Michael is at it again and he is now running his schemes under the non-entity, Commissum Universes, LP. It is a non-entity because it is not registered with any government body, be it at the State or Federal level. Also unregistered, is one of Osborn's hot schemes, the CU Equity Swing Fund. Through this fund, Michael (who falsely and fraudulently claims to be an SEC registered prime broker) collects funding from retail investors to run his day trading operation. He tells his dupes that their investment will be leveraged 1000% and that the principal is insured by a Loss Policy in order to take all risk away from the funder. Although Michael presents a bound insurance policy, what he doesn't tell his investors is that he doesn't pay the insurance premiums. Thusly, at the end of the day, the investors are plum out of luck if Michael's trades are unsuccessful or if he just decides not to pay the dividends.

Helping Osborn execute his schemes, is a relatively new cohort, Corey Engelen and his firm Infinite One, LLC. Mr. Engelen has stated within documents obtained by this author, that Osborn is a partner in Infinite One. While Infinite One sells the CU Swing Equity Fund offering, it is yet undiscovered whether it owns the trading account manipulated by Osborn.

In the past few weeks I have been inundated with complaints from dupes who claim they have been taken by these "partners". Of course they all express regrets at not having done their due diligence on Michael sooner.

Another common denominator in some of the schemes is Nine Asset Management, LLC. and specifically, principle Anthony Hruska. It should be noted that some believe that Hruska should not necessarily be painted by the Osborn-Engelen brush, and that he is merely mesmerized by their intelligence, gift of gab, and tactics, three important qualities commonly found in con men. Nevertheless, whether he is complicit in these current Ponzi schemes or not, Hruska can be credited with providing some (and attempting to provide even more) of the ill-gotten booty obtained by Messers Osborn and Engelen. At a minimum, Hruska is negligent with funds, not a quality you want in an investment consultant.

One of the schemes Mr. Hruska has bought into is Osborn-Engelen's purported ability to fund bonds courtesy of Warner Films, LLC an arm of Warner Brothers. The boys have been representing that they have access to $500,000,000 in funding and are looking for brokers, like Mr. Hruska, to file applications on behalf of their clients. It is yet not totally clear what angle has been concocted to press their advantage, but given Osborn's history of nefarious acts, the rule of caveat emptor could not be more applicable. If indeed Warner Films has this funding available, they would be well advised to find new representatives for their money.

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