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Friday, July 23, 2010


Over 8 long years ago, I was introduced to a man who was characterized as a shrewd businessman, a money machine and one of the brightest investment minds this side of Wall St.

Today, all because this man lied to the wrong guy, he was sentenced to 32 months in prison.

Michael Osborn aka Michael Osborn Ison was sentenced to a total of 32 months in prison today for his conviction of 2 counts of automobile theft, 2 counts of intent to defraud and 2 counts of writing bad checks. He received a 2 year sentence for each count of automobile theft and check fraud. Three of those two year sentences will run concurrently while 1/3 of one of the check convictions will run consecutively. This means that Michael has been sentenced to a total stay at the county's expense to 2 years and 8 months. Were I to guess, I would say he will serve about a year. That is assuming that the current FBI and SEC investigations don't bring new charges.

Prior to pronouncing sentence, both Michael and his wife Shanney addressed the court. Their performance as a husband and wife comedy team was worthy of Lucy and Desi, George Burns and Gracie Allen, or Sonny and Cher.

First came Shanney. Those who were employed by the Osborns' ill-fated scam, Principal Capital Group, Inc, will tell you that Shanney was not the know-nothing, husband-trusting bystander that she would have all believe. She was an authority in the office to be reckoned with and, in fact, she listed herself as a corporate officer with the City of Fullerton Chamber of Commerce. These people will also find it laughable when they hear that Shanney offered that it was not beneath her to clean houses for a living.

But on this day, Shanney played the helpless mouse. First she blamed Michael's upbringing and went as far as to incriminate his mother whom, "made him watch cartoons all day, when they weren't homeless and sleeping in churches". Shanney claimed that Michael was taught by his grandmother to, "Fake it until you make it". Then she claimed that Mike is a wonderful husband and father. She told the judge that her children cry for Michael and tried to tug at hearts with the line, "When is DaDa coming home?" What is amusing here, is that not 5 minutes earlier, the judge had announced that he reviewed several submissions to the Probation Office including one from Mike's ex-wife. They had also created two children and Kristen's submission painted Mike as a dead-beat Dad who had had several warrants out for his arrest for failure to pay child support and, in fact, was once arrested on such a warrant while he was in court on the auto theft charges. Kristen painted a picture of a belligerent, abusive alcoholic, who could not provide a stable home or secure environment for his family. Note to Shanney: Michael is (was) around for your kids because you are together. Ask his previous wives what happens once the marriage is over.

Equally funny, as you will see below, was Shanney's claims that Mike had taken ownership of his "mistakes". She also took the blame for creating the situation under which he moved to San Diego (to live with a fellow con-man and pal) and took the stolen cars with him.

Finally and irrelevantly, she cried to the judge as she claimed that I had made their lives miserable and she could not believe that what I was doing was even legal. I'll answer that claim to Shanney right here:


Then came Mike's contribution to the show. First, he generously admitted that he has made multiple mistakes. But then he claimed that he was only guilty of owing money and that "the last time I checked, there is no debtor's prison". He also boasted of restitution being made to Car Max and the receiver of one of the bad checks. Well yeah, but that was the day before trial. Gee, I wonder what his motivation was there.

Michael attempted to sell his bad check habits as a disease with statements like, "Giving me a checkbook is like giving an alcoholic a bottle of booze" and "I let my pride write checks that my body couldn't cash". He offered several guarantees (like we haven't all heard any of those before) including, "I promise not to work in the finance industry again" and "I promise I will never own another business or personal checking account". In a shallow attempt to show remorse, Michael recognized that he had humiliated himself, his family and the court. But then, he tossed in the ol', "It's George Sharp's fault" gambit. Although he "didn't want to dignify my actions", he joined Shanney in criticizing the methods which led to his ultimate demise.

Fortunately, the Judge was not buying any of this. He told Mike that there would have to be a consequence and that while it was in his power to grant the probation that Michael requested, the schemes that were in play were far too sophisticated. He cited Michael's history of bad checks but also seemed to try and justify some leniency by pointing out that Michael was not guilty of violent crimes and that some restitution had been made.

I expect to have the transcript of today's hearing within a week and will post it at that time.

Now I'm going to Vegas for some well-earned fun. Who's buying?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I would of given anything to be a "fly" on the wall today. George, you have done a great job. Mike needed to pay for all the wrong he has done to so many people. I wonder if Shanney will stick around till he gets out of jail????

Anonymous said...

The whole public contrition by Osborn and the dumb wife was a huge load of crap. Osborn will be right back to his scams within of few months of release, whenever that is. He is a complete sociopath with no conscience whatsoever. Got a kick out of the courtroom comments. Osborn has NEVER been in the finance industry. He is in the FRAUD industry! Any money he used to pay the current debts is from ongoing current criminal conspiracy-!! Forget Vegas, I wager by fall of 2011 he back to the next "oscillator" money management scam. Bet on it. (Sorry to say) With a little PI work the FBI should figure out the casino he scammed in the past or many other scams to file more charges! Maybe we can get a longer stretch in the pen!! I also get a kick out of those that get caught in their scams and blame others for their demise! Good riddance to bad rubbish!! Joe, Poway, CA

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mike can get into a 12 step Check-kiters Anonymous program when he gets out. Meanwhile, enjoy the orange jumpsuit.

George Sharp said...
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Anonymous said...

As a member of the jury that took the time and made the effort to sift through his elaborate lies and lack of testimony on his behalf, I know we are all proud of our work and that we did take the time to sort through bank accounts and phony addresses and temporary drivers licenses and on and on ... we followed the admonition of the court and analyzed this as a 'paper crime' and that is what it was ... putting enough paper out there to convince young car sales persons and not very smart car finance people ... I am proud to have been on the jury that the day before the 4th of July weekend stood up for justice and showed MOS what truth and justice are and that you can 'fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time' ... each member of this jury was hard working and honest and none of us were rich .... but we all worked and earned the things that we have and that is more than can be said of MOS .... we are proud of our individual stations in life and that we can tell our children and grandchildren about the truth and our hard work.

Much more than MOS will ever be able to tell his kids or anyone!!! We are proud of our work!!!

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see that justice was served. I had a question about your comment about him being sentenced all because he lied to the wrong guy. Were you involved in his auto theft and fraud investigation? It sounded like you may have been given the details you have provided.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed that the authorities have not gone after Hruska. This guy worked hand in hand with Osborn. Together with Engelen they started a phony Swiss Trust. Once Osborn was arrested they blamed the scam on him and picked right up again. These guys are all a bunch of dirt bags.

Anonymous said...

What amazes me is that Mike was using two different Swiss Trust's to fool people!!! I don't know about Hruska or Engelen, but on top of it all, during my conversations with Osborn he had told me he was in a Christian Rock and Roll band and that he had a major record deal and still smoked and dealt with his "demons" HA!!!! Don't drop the soap buddy!

Anonymous said...

This man made off owing me two paychecks. I filed a report with the dept. of industrial relations, but they said they couldn't find him. Glad to see a small bit of justice being served, but I would be more comfortable if he were locked away from this world forever.

Anonymous said...

Time to go after Anthony Hruska of Nine Asset Management in Chicago. He shared in the Swiss Trust with Osborn and even had an email address at the Swiss Trust Of course he has since taken it down but he was hand in hand with Osborn

Anonymous said...

Osborn is in jail but the focus should now be on investigating the HUNDREDS OF THOSANDS of Dollars taken by fraud jointly by Michael Osborn, Anthony Hruska, Jr and Corey Engelen under the 10X (FAKE) Fund. There are at least (15 victims so far and counting!) Anthony (VP of 10X) and Corey of course blamed Osborn after his arrest but the money went to Corey through an account his wife controlled under his company, Infinite One, LLC. Corey and Anthony Hruska, Jr obtained more money for all the Gold Deals for Swiss Investment Trust (Corey's a Gold expert and Super Secret Federal Agent) but those shipments paid for with more investor money never arrived,(Go figure)
Swiss Investment Trust, Ag and the 10X Fund were both run by the same three, Michael Osborn, Anthony Hruska, Jr and Corey Engelen
Now the "OLD/NEW CREW" over at Swiss Investment Trust is said to be under new management with Hruska & Engelen still there. By the way, none of the 10X investors has gotten back a cent of their money Anthony Hruska, Jr & Corey Engelen promised to pay months ago.
There may be several other funds used by the parties.
Victory Capital, Principal Capital Group, Aires Capital, Renaissance Capital, Principal Structure Fund and Principal Mortgage Fund, all alleged to have been registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940 with the Sec and according to an email sent by Anthony Hruska, Jr, these funds were alleged to have $10 Million to $800 Million under management. We will see!! It's time to really shake the tree and see what nut falls out.

Anonymous said...

Hruska,Engelen, and Osborn are a bunch of crooks. i too was scammed by them and worst yet brought friends into the deal. they promised to pay me back in a letter months ago then claim they can't because the trust no longer exists however the new trust is run by the same group of clowns... i am sorry to have met them and the brokers who introduced me to them.
I wasted months of time, energy and hard earned money for a bogus deal and when confronted they disappeared. Hruska is the worst do i go after them or report them to the SEC? They should pay and never be allowed to scam people again. Watch out Anthony you are next!!!!!

George Sharp said...

If you want me to help you, you're going to have to send me your contact information through the "Contact Me" button.

Anonymous said...

It is great to learn about Mike's conviction... Take a look at his new scam... It looks like he is back to his same tricks in NYC.
I too received many 'bad checks' from Mike and see that the $100k he owes me will not be forth coming (LOL)

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