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Monday, July 9, 2012

A Crime He Didn't Commit? Apparently Michael Is The Only One Who Thinks So.

Woe is Michael.  Nobody is prepared to believe in the innocence he desperately proclaims, most recently on his Linked in profile.

Well apparently, the California Court of Appeals believes that Michael did in fact commit the crime he so callously dismisses. In a recent, unanimous opinion, the court makes it clear that it considers Michael to be a crook.

The hutzpah Michael displays by filing his appeal is typical of a common sociopath. I guess he must have "forgot" to include within his appeal, his public claims that I tampered with the jury and intimidated the District Attorney's office.  Here are some of the highlights from the court's opinion:
  • On July 3, 2009, Michael told the CarMax sales representative that he wanted to buy a $47,485.15 Mercedes Benz. He sought to purchase the vehicle with $15,000 down, the rest to be financed.
  • Michael told that Car Max representative that he earned $78,753 per month. (I'll give you all a moment to stop laughing.  Of course whatever he "earned" he actually stole.)
  • Michael told the Car Max representative that he lived in Fullerton.
    • Michael wrote Car Max a $15,000 check drawn on the business account of Principal Capital Group and postdated to July 7, 2009.
    • On July 7, 2009, Michael contacted the Car Max representative and told her that he wanted to purchase a second vehicle, a BMW. Defendant gave Chavez a check for the $5,000 down payment and requested that Chavez hold the check until the following day.
    • As a surprise to no one who knows Michael and as per the usual course, both checks bounced.
    • On August 5, 2009 (almost a month after the checks bounced), a CarMax representative reported the matter to the Buena Park Police Department, and stolen vehicle reports were prepared. The police advised CarMax to have the tracking devices on the cars activated. That day, the police recovered the cars at a residence in San Diego. (Car Max told me that they waited to report the cars as stolen in order to give Michael every chance to make good on the checks.  They were unable to reach him and he did not contact them even though he had to know that the checks bounced.)
      • Michael appeared shocked when the police showed up (translation: he thought he got away with it). He told them that he was unemployed, had no money, and had been living at the San Diego residence for the preceding six months (but he told Car Max that he was living in Fullerton).  This is further proof that a good liar needs a good memory (are you paying attention Aniko Kaye?)
      • Then Michael changed his story. He acknowledged not having the money in the checking account to cover the deposit checks at the time he wrote them. He stated that he had intended to wire sufficient funds to cover the checks, but never got around to it. (Never got around to it????  That makes you a crook Michael! You stole two cars!)
      • As the police were transporting Michael to Orange County, he repeatedly asked how they found him. The police explained that the cars had tracking systems. Defendant displayed surprise. (This means that he couldn't believe that he didn't get away with the crime)
      • In March 2009, a business acquaintance, loaned Michael $12,000. He promised to repay the loan $12,000 in principal and $3,000 in interest and ended up writing two checks in the amounts of $12,000 and $3,000 and dated April 1, 2009.  When the checks bounced (Surprise!) Michael didn't make them good until the day before his trial, a year after they bounced. (This makes you a crook Michael!)
      Michael's attorney used a series of interpretations of case law to try and show why the evidence presented in the trial (including other bounced checks) prejudiced Michael's defense and that he should not have been found guilty.  Fortunately, the Court of Appeal wasn't buying any of it.  Legal maneuvers aside, the evidence, as highlighted above, clearly shows Michael's intent and he is lucky that the thousands of other bounced checks that Michael has presented over the years were not presented as evidence and that he was not prosecuted for them.  There are dozens of his victims who have had millions of dollars stolen from them by Michael and his cohorts who would say that he got off cheap by serving on 13 months.  Instead of recognizing that the punishment could have been much worse, he then goes on the attack with false accusations against me, the jury that convicted him, the District Attorney's office, the Judge and the attorney that defended him.  Remember the numerous times in his blog where Michael sheds crocodile tears and claims to take responsibility for his actions?  Does this appeal sound like he is taking responsibility for his actions? Instead of being a man, Michael tried to use a legal loophole to distance himself from a crime he obviously committed. And of course, Michael continues the con games and I continue to get "thank yous" from his potential and past victims.

      I believe that this Court of Appeal opinion is the reason behind Michael's attempt to get me to agree to mutually take down this blog concurrent with the blog that he and fellow fraud artist Aniko Kaye publish. Michael figured that I would eventually get around to publicizing the court's decision and that more would realize that his cries of innocence would amount to nothing more than additional screams at the night. Well it is now more evident than ever that I publish the truth and that Michael produces nothing but lies in an attempt to lift himself and get even with me.  I have truth on my side and I will never take down this blog.

      This whole thing kind of makes me wonder how Michael will handle himself when a grand jury is presented a case for indictment against him and fraud partner Corey Engelen, later this year or early next year. (Oops! Did I let that slip?)


      Anonymous said...

      Don't you know that convicts are always innocent George? ;-)

      Anonymous said...

      Just amazing that he is STILL hurting people, destroying lives, and ultimately killing people. I know two people who died of cancer because he STOLE their fund so they could not get proper treatment. All the while he told them the funds were wired, sent a bad check, etc. That's damn close to murder in my book! Just a crook, I don't think so!!!
      Thank you for your good work George and keep going. .... And think about all of the children he has fathered but does NOT support. Despicable. He needs to be on a chain gang for the rest of his miserable life.

      Anonymous said...

      Thank you George. I pray now he will be convicted for ALL the wrong he has done to hundreds of people. I hope he enjoys his HELL which is coming his way for the rest of his life....

      Anonymous said...

      This Guy is just a piece of shit who is gonna wish 13 months is all he gets. I'm predicting he gets at least 15 years in his next trial. The wife should get the same ad she was complicity in all of his dealings. Thanks George.

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