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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Wizard Of Cons Is Back!
Part 3: What Mike Says About Me

There were many Judgment Debtor Examinations scheduled for Mike with respect to the $405,000 judgment I have against him and Harold.  Thumbing his nose at the authority of the courts, he usually didn’t show up for these dates, which then resulted in arrest warrants being issued.  At one of the preliminary hearings on his criminal trial, Mike was arrested on one of these warrants and put in handcuffs by the bailiff right in the middle of the courtroom.  On one of those occasions that he actually did show up for an exam, I remember him saying what a bright sunny day it was.  I look at my lawyer and I said, “It must be cloudy and rainy out”.  That’s Mike in a nutshell.  If he says that he sky is blue, you can bet that it is red.

Mike is obsessed with his goal of validating himself by making me look like the bad guy.  His blog is full of claims of wrongdoing without any specifics or proof as to what it is that I or my alleged pseudo personalities are doing wrong.  He just says it over and over again in an attempt to brainwash the reader into believing that his statements are fact.  For example, not once has he told his two or three readers why my lawsuits are illegal, as he claims.  All he offers are opinions.  He may have complained to various authorities, as there are plenty of online forums to do that, but they must have brushed him aside like a pesky gnat because I have not received a single inquiry from any authority.  This in spite of the fact that Mike, through his blog, claims to have been reporting me to the SEC, the FBI, the DOJ and probably the NFL, looking for somebody, anybody to listen to his screams into the night.

Here's a classic example of Mike throwing the proverbial spaghetti against the wall in hopes of finding something that sticks.

"Our findings have uncovered washed stock sells, lack of proper SEC disclosure on Forms 3 & 4, recordings of Mr. Sharp threatening individuals to pay him or he will sue, tortuous interference (which represents hundreds of millions of dollars in damages), intimidation tactics in lieu of compensation and countless message board aliases finally proving what most smart investors already knew, that they are all linked to Mr. Sharp."

It's now six months later and Mike hasn't provided a shred of evidence of "his findings".  Not to his few blog readers, the authorities or anyone else.  He might as well have said that he has evidence that I've been on the moon.

Amongst Mike’s many fantasies is that I am the owner of, a website dedicated to exposing penny stock promotions and/or frauds.  I do subscribe to, although their emails are also found on their website, so that is no big deal.  As usual, Mike doesn’t offer a single shred of evidence linking me to the website or even to any wrongdoing by the website.  He uses conjecture, sleight of hand and innuendo to try and make the reader see something that isn’t there.  An illusion, if you will.  Illusions are the bread and butter of the con man, and without them, he can’t reach his ultimate goal which is to make you believe something that doesn’t exist.  One of those illusions, Mike likes to hang his hat on, is that I have sued two of the hundreds of companies talked about on and the insiders of a third company.   In Mike’s convoluted world, that makes and I one and the same.    Admittedly, I did use one of pumpsanddumps’ articles to help come to the conclusion that I had been had on one of the stocks I purchased.  Still, Mike doesn’t talk about the rest of the companies which that website reports on and whom I haven’t sued.

Mike’s newest revelation is that I am Leslie Howard, the writer of a penny stock newsletter whose picks are marked on’s Watch List.  Did you get that?  Mike now claims that I write a newsletter “pre-promoting” penny stocks, which I then report as a fraud on another website Mike purports to be owned by me.  That’s like Intel reporting themselves to the Better Business Bureau for making defective computer chips.

Mike’s basis for connecting me with Leslie Howard is that provided advertising for his website.  On that basis, I am also TD Ameritrade, iContact, Progressive Insurance, and a host of other major corporations.

Mr. Howard did write to me, while Mike was pre-announcing his findings on my supposed dual identity, and asked me who Mike was and why he was trying to link us as one.  I replied with a bit of the story on Mike and suggested to Mr. Howard that he feed the fire and go along with the gag.  I gave him some ammunition and Mr. Howard wrote him an email intended to make him sound like me.  It isn’t exactly difficult to get Mike to go off on one of his lunacies.  Mike even doctored that email to make it sound even more damning.  Also, his implications once again provide no evidence of any wrongdoing by Mr. Howard, except for the old, “because I say so” proof.

Let me take a moment to make clear that I have no knowledge or opinion of the legality of Mr. Howard’s or’s operations.

Frankly, I really don’t care what anybody thinks and you are free to go ahead and believe that I am, Leslie Howard, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus or Hillary Clinton, if you like.
I do find it interesting that Mike is pointing a finger at Leslie Howard for doing what he wants to do himself.  Mike’s blog advertises his participation in, a planned penny stock pre-promotion website, through the collaboration of Abuse of Law and Pantheon Traders, another one of Mike’s websites.  Could, Mike’s attack on Mr. Howard be motivated by competition?   From’s page: “We understand all the components that go into a penny stock promotion and exactly what to look for when speculating on upcoming stock promotions.”. Now this is a truthful statement.  Mike is an expert on penny stock frauds.  He should be.  He and his new-old partner, Jehu Hand, have been involved in plenty of them.

Mike, likes to make me out to be a vexatious litigant.  Really Mike?  Under whose rules, the governments or yours?  Of course you know better than anybody else, don’t you?

Under California Code of Civil Procedure section 391(b), a vexatious litigant is a person who does any of the following:
In the immediately preceding seven-year period has commenced, prosecuted, or maintained in propria persona at least five litigations other than in a small claims court that have been (i) finally determined adversely to the person or (ii) unjustifiably permitted to remain pending at least two years without having been brought to trial or hearing.  [Nope not me. I have not brought 5 litigations in propria persona and I have never lost a case.  Ever!]
After a litigation has been finally determined against the person, repeatedly relitigates or attempts to relitigate, in propria persona, either (i) the validity of the determination against the same defendant or defendants as to whom the litigation was finally determined or (ii) the cause of action, claim, controversy, or any of the issues of fact or law, determined or concluded by the final determination against the same defendant or defendants as to whom the litigation was finally determined. [Well since I’ve never lost a case, this can’t be me.]
In any litigation while acting in propria persona, repeatedly files unmeritorious motions, pleadings, or other papers, conducts unnecessary discovery, or engages in other tactics that are frivolous or solely intended to cause unnecessary delay.  [no, that’s Jehu Hand’s job]
Has previously been declared to be a vexatious litigant by any state or federal court of record in any action or proceeding based upon the same or substantially similar facts, transaction, or occurrence.
[That can’t be me since I’ve never filed a case anywhere but California. Strike 4]

So Mike, exactly how am I a vexatious litigant?


Anonymous said...

This whole thing is just wacky.... Gotta love the market. All of you are quite intriguing, if you ask me. gl to the honest man.

Unknown said...

Where is michael osborn now? Last seen in new york trying to rip off nonprofit organizations.

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